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At Stratford University...You Can!

It’s easy to tell a child, teenager, or young adult why education is so important. Education is about preparation. It’s about thinking for yourself. Education clarifies how you think about your future, adding comfort to what becomes your career. But it’s a lot harder to show them why they need education. A famous study found that the average one year old child hears the word ‘no’ 400 times a day. The magic word can provoke stress hormones, which can lead to negativity and a lost sense of worth. If there’s a lesson here, it’s that words do more than help us contract sentences. They help us construct language, and our language organizes our thoughts into philosophies of making a new career, exploring your future, changing your community.

You Can Be An Individual

At Stratford University, you won’t simply be churned out like a piece in an assembly line where little respect is paid to the individuality of each student. Stratford focuses on generating a new purpose to help finish tell each student’s story: whether it’s the classic millennial looking for their Masters, a working parent, member of the military, international student, or your undergrad high school student with big ambitions. Because students are so different, it’s important to highlight different ambitions. For students, what is the role you see for yourself after college — do you want to make a difference in the world? Do you want to be your own boss, in order to help lead others? Do you want what’s required to get yourself your next promotion? Or do you simply want the best value for your education?

Every student, no matter their background, must think about these questions. To be the person you’ve always envisioned requires being able to answer essential questions about purpose, meaning, and a sense of certainty. Students want to know that their education will have the literal value of contributing to their career, not just the figurative value of nourishing their mindset. At Stratford, that’s the focus. And the focus is in every subject you can think of to create brand new people, and new missions, while catering to different learning styles.

You Can Make A Difference

Education is more important than ever. Not because it can help you grow as a person; although that’s important too. Not because it can offer up new opportunities’ although that’s important too. But because education should be as personal as it is functional. In order to create your own future, to help create a future for others, or be your own boss — education needs to make sense for your current life. At Stratford, the words ‘you can’ are more than a motto. It’s a philosophy. A philosophy of education for the modern world: you can be educated in a way that respects the life you currently lead in order to get the life you’ve wanted.

To us at Stratford, we take ‘you can’ and put it into action through a number of programs. The Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) program takes your real world experience and turns it into credits toward your degree. Work experience, military experience, and life experience count and help save you time and money on your degree. The Power Forward program is four different scholarships that help you power your future forward. Stratford First Scholarships are for high school seniors who enroll at Stratford within the first summer or fall after their graduation. Stratford Extra Rewards Program rewards you $166.50 for each class completed at Stratford that is paid out at graduation. Stratford Guarantee helps students succeed when they have demonstrated their best effort to attend classes a second chance to take that class at no cost should they fail the first time, with some restrictions. The Stratford Culinary Competition Scholarship is offered to the winning team members who placed first, second, or third in the Pro Start, CCAP, or SkillsUSA competitions in Virginia or Maryland.

At Stratford, we truly believe ‘you can.’ To find out more about our degree programs and scholarships, contact us today.