Assessment methods

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Assessment Methods


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Students are given an online placement exam that tests their knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, and pragmatic understanding of English. Afterward, they sit for an oral interview with an Stratford Language Institute program advisor and are placed in classes according to their placement exam score and oral proficiency in the language.

Ongoing Assessment

Students are continually assessed throughout each 10-week term to determine their language levels.  Types of assessments include

  • weekly quizzes
  • midterm and finals exams 
  • projects
  •  presentations
  • simulated IELTS and TOEFL tests

Testing takes place online as well as in the classroom and is included in the overall program costs. All tests are based on the materials studied in class, which are aligned with the Common European Framework’s international standards of teaching, learning, and assessing.


Core curriculum

Levels 1-6 use the Cambridge series Grammar and Beyond, which is modern and uses all 4 skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) to support grammar and vocabulary development and academic skill development. Our Curriculum Developer was a teacher herself and she created more than 100 different activities to use in the classroom with these books!