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Speak to our well-trained and efficient International Student Office. They process hundreds of International Students and are experts in assisting you with visa questions, transfers, and other areas related to admissions.



Conditional Acceptance Pathway

Students who satisfy all other admission requirements except for language proficiency may enroll in the conditional acceptance program. Graduates of the pathway class are approved are approved to matriculate into a degree program at Stratford without an IELTS or TOEFL exam.

Students who have conditional acceptance are put into contact with target program advisors to discuss their academic plans and future goals.


When you Arrive

Social and Cultural Support

Social and cultural events are hosted by the University.

Recent events and trips we have enjoyed included the following:

  • Baseball game
  • Conversation club
  •  guided meditations for stress relief
  • International  potluck
  • Supreme Court
  • US Senate building
  • Library of Congress
  •  international markets in Rockville
  • Chocotenango chocolatier
  • Saba Arabian breakfast
  • Ben’s Chili Bowl
  •  United States Institute of Peace

Student Support Services

The department of Student Support Services, located on the second floor in room 201 South, exists to “empower students, assist them in achieving academic excellence, and see them through to graduation.”

They provide services to include the following:

  • On-campus events and activities
  • Cultural celebrations
  • Stratford Serves – volunteering and charity events
  • Tutoring and testing services through the Student Success Center
  • Counseling for personal and academic issues
  • Housing assistance and homestay referral
  • Special accommodations
  • Student ID badges and associated discounts
  • Help with joining or starting an academic or social club
  • Free gym memberships with Olympus and Planet Fitness
  • Community resources and outreach

Current clubs moderated by faculty and Student Services staff include

  • Business Icons of Stratford, in which students learn about networking, marketing, and business planning;
  • Stratech, Information Technology club
  •  Community Service Club

Counseling and Open Door Policy

There is a lot of support for you. We have an open-door policy, which means that our doors are always open to you. If you need help, we are happy to assist you.

Academic support is available in every size:

  • Academic counseling and advising through program administrators
  • Learning Resource Center teaches research skills and offers many free workshops
  • Student Success Center offers FREE tutoring

Personal Advising Advisors in the Student Support Office can help you with personal matters like

  • Goal setting
  • Homesickness and culture shock
  • Time management


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