Our Mission is to:


  • Process, handle, and update all students academic records with integrity, accuracy, and timeliness in compliance with all relevant university, state, federal, and accreditation rules and regulations.
  • Be a liaison with students and university departments while providing service with commitment, courtesy and compassion.

You can find answers to commonly asked questions on our website. Students are encouraged to contact the office if they need further assistance. The goal in the Registrar’s Office is to ensure that each student’s experience is a memorable one – Both educational and exhilarating!



Below is a small sampling of the many varied functions of the Registrar’s Office:


  • Attendance monitoring and updating
  • Academic plan changes and updates
  • Data entry and accuracy
  • Diploma orders and release
  • Enrollment verification and reporting *
  • Grade collection and processing
  • Graduation requirements audit
  • Processing cancellation forms
  • Processing program changes
  • Processing campus changes
  • Registering new students
  • Transfer credit processing **
  • Transcript maintenance and release
  • Withdrawal form processing
  • Tending to student & instructor concerns & requests

*  The Registrar’s Office requires an authorization of release of information signed by the student for all enrollment and graduation verifications.


** The Registrar’s Office is only responsible for entering the transfer credits; program advisors are responsible of evaluating the transcripts for transfer credits





Stratford University offers classes on a Quarter system. Each calendar year includes five ten-week Quarters. Each ten-week Quarter is organized into three sessions: A, B, and C. These sessions are defined below.

• 10-Week Quarter
• Session A (First Five weeks)
• Session B (Last Five weeks)
• Session C (10 weeks)

Class are offered during mornings, afternoons, evenings, as well as, online.

Registration Process
Registration for classes after the First quarter is done online through the student Self Service Portal Click Here to Register or View Schedule

The Guide below has a full step by step process: Click Here to Access the Guide

Stratford University transcripts are the record of all courses taken during a student’s enrollment. 

Current students may request their transcript through the self-service portal. Alumni and former students may request transcripts through our website. 

Official transcripts are $10. Students ordering through the self-service portal will pay the fee online. Students ordering through the website will be contacted by the University for fee payment.

Unofficial transcripts are free and can be ordered through the same methods. 

All financial obligations to the University must be current in order to obtain an official academic transcript. 

Current Students

Former Students and Alumni

Delivery Options

Transcripts can be mailed to the address provided by the student or held for pickup.

At this time we do not scan, email, or fax transcripts.

Office of the Registrar has established procedures to help all students remain in compliance with rules and regulations set by the University and the accrediting authorities. The forms on this page are an important part of that process.

Commonly Requested Forms

Please be sure to complete each field on any given form. Incomplete documents create unnecessary delays in processing.

• Transcript Request Form

• Request for Re-Entry Form

• Request for Verification of Enrollment or Completion Form

• Graduation Letter Request Form

• Request for Campus Change Form

• Standard Term of Non-Attendance Form