Getting Credit for Prior Work

Stratford University is committed to help you build on your military experience. We award credit for what you have learned.

Want to earn a degree or a certificate to help advance your military career or prepare for your transition to a new profession in the civilian workforce? Stratford has a path for you and we are committed to your success! We specialize in turning your military training and learning into college level credit. We apply your learning to meaningful 100% fully online degrees such as

  • Business Administration
  • Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management
  • Health Sciences
  • Computer Science and Information Technology.
  • Nursing
  • Combine your credit for prior learning with our convenient 5 and 10 week terms and depending on your rank and military occupation, classification or specialty and you could finish your Associates degree in as few as 9 courses or your bachelors degree in as few as 14 courses.
Stratford University has established a comprehensive credit for prior learning program that identifies and awards useable university credit for everything you have learned through your military training and experience. We use the Council on Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) as well as the American Council on Education (ACE) processes and recommendations, as well as our own highly experienced faculty to determine how your learning articulates into credit at Stratford University. You can use these programs for up to 75% of your undergraduate degree and 50% of your graduate degree. Our goal is to help you complete your education as quickly as possible by allowing you to build on your military background.

Credit by Examination

Credits are accepted from AARTS, SMART, CCAF, ACE, DANTES, CLEP exams.

Transfer Credits

Transfer credits are accepted from accredited institutions of higher education. Since Stratford is a member of the Services Members Opportunities College (SOC) program, we will accept credits from all other member schools. Courses transferred must map into the degree that you have selected and meet the minimum academic requirements for transfer.


Prior Learning Assessment {PLA) can be used to grant credit for military work experience or for non-accredited military training programs. The PLA translates what you have learned into specific course learning outcomes to determine equivalency. We will use your JST to get the process started! You can start your bachelors degree at Stratford and earn your associates along the way or even head all the way to the Masters degree without skipping a beat!
We have reviewed all of the leadership and management training and skills that you have attained and we have turned this into credit that is easily applied at the associates, bachelors and masters degree levels. Your credit counts toward your core and your elective requirements! Regardless if you are Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard – we have reviewed your military learning and fully articulated it into University Credit.
In addition – we will look at your MOS, classification, and other training for specific credits to speed your time to your degree.
We provide college credit all the way through the Masters Degree Level! Send us your JST and we will do a personalized and no cost or obligation review of your military learning.