The Military Corner- April 8, 2013

Insider Flash: Newsletter for Military Community debuts!


FALLS CHURCH, VA – We are proud to announce that starting in March, the military service office (MSO) will issue monthly news aimed at military students currently enrolled at Stratford University. The purpose of The Military Corner (TMC) is to share experiences, provide useful links and resources, exchange information related to college and military life, and assist in making your transition a successful experience. Whether taking traditional or distance education courses, TMC will be available to you anywhere and anytime. We welcome any thoughts, feedback, comments, or suggestions for topics you would like us to address in future newsletters. We hope that you enjoy this first issue and most of all, thank you for your service and dedication to this great nation.

New at Stratford University? So what’s next?

The opening vignette to this month’s newsletter offers a broad “checklist” for new military students entering Stratford University. The road after military service often seems uncertain or downright scary—and most of us have experienced these realizations before. This month’s topic offers some guidance that can help relieve some of the stress of college management, and ensure things work out smoothly for you in the long-term.

Here are a few suggestions to start-off on the right foot:

  • Contact your campus’s military service office (MSO); every campus has a Veterans Affairs specialist knowledgeable in veteran-related college benefits.
  • Understand the GI Bill / Vocational Rehabilitation benefit you plan to use to finance your degree; know what it offers and what your duties are. The MSO can also assist you in this undertaking.
  • Become familiar with your campus’s dean, program dean, and advisor; talk to your MSO in case you have questions, concerns, or require clarification.
  • Become acquainted with your program’s degree map, and plan ahead which courses to take for every quarter. Work closely with your advisor, program dean, or MSO so that you find classes that you need and want. Stay proactive!
  • Get familiar with the university’s services (i.e. Registration, Finance, IT, MSO, Library, Book Distribution, Student Services, Career Services, etc…).
  • Setup your Stratford email/Moodle accounts and familiarize yourself with them; get your school ID; know the book distribution procedure; know registration deadlines and sign up for classes early to ensure you receive timely benefits, stipends, and books.
  • Some military students may have medical issues; therefore, bring this to the attention of your teacher so that he or she can make the appropriate accommodation(s). The other officials listed before can also assist you with this.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Mr. Keith Evans at, or Mrs. Lakia Graves at and Mr. Charles Goodman at . You can also call 703-743-5322 to speak directly to the Military Student Office.