Locating Information on the Internet

Locating Information on the Internet

While the bulk of your research in college should come from the scholarly resources available in our databases, internet research is a vital part of life in the 21st century. It's important to not only be able to find relevant information, but to be able to determine what information is reliable. Check out these resources for guidance on evaluating information on the internet:

*Always check with your instructor before using internet resources in a research paper/project.

Your campus librarians are experts in locating and evaluating information. Stop by the LRC or email library@stratford.edu if you have questions or need guidance.

General Websites

Project Gutenberg - Full-text copies of selected books that are not copyrighted. This generally means that texts are taken from book published pre-1923. You will not find the latest bestsellers or modern computer books. However, you will find authors like Shakespeare, Poe, Dante, as well as, well-loved favorites like the Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the Tarzan and Mars books of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Alice's adventures in Wonderland as told by Lewis Carroll, and thousands of others.
On-Line Books - Database of online books that are freely readable over the Internet. Includes index of thousands of online books and links to directories and archives of online texts. Assembled by Mark Ockerbloom and hosted by Penn Library.
Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts - Public domain texts in the areas of American and British Literature, and Western Philosophy. A unique feature of the Catalogue is the on-the-fly creation of PDF or ebook (Newton Paperback, Palm Pilot, or Rocket eBook) files. Provided by Eric Morgan
SearcheBooks.com - Search the full text of thousands of freely available eBooks. Searches are case sensitive. All of the results are cached on the SearcheBooks server so that everything you find in your search will really be available.
English Server - Major humanities text collection. Browse or search by topic. Location and keyword searchable. Many other interesting topics and diversions. Highly recommended. Currently hosted by University of Washington.
Internet Public Library - Collections include searchable online serials, newspapers, texts, and reference center. Full-text holdings are available. Provided by University of Michigan School of Information.
IPL Online Text Collection - Internet Public Library Online Text Collection. Includes over 18,000 titles that can be browsed by author, by title, or by Dewey Decimal Classification. Many full-text holding are available.
Bibliomania - Site includes thousands of e-books, poems, articles, short stories, and plays all of which are absolutely free. Read the world greatest fiction by authors such as Dickens and Joyce, Sherlock Holmes mysteries, all Shakespeare plays, or just dip into some short stories by writers such as Mark Train, Anton Chekov and Edgar Allen POE
Classics at Online Literature Library - Classic literature organized by author. Easy to use. All offerings are full-text.
Books Online from Bartleby - Online source for full-text reference, verse, fiction, and nonfiction classics. Database is searchable.
National Academy Press Online Books - Search of print offerings of the National Academy of Science. Many free online books.
Electronic Book Resource Compendium - Site includes a comprehensive listing of text sites including the classics, computer books, foreign languages, literature, religion, philosophy. Site sponsored by University of Texas at Austin.
RAND Online Publications - RAND's online publications listed by category. Available in PDF and HTML formats. No charge for online versions.
US Army Center of Military History Online Books - Books listed alphabetically by category. Research materials, book series and Army regulations are included on site. No charge for online edition of publications. 
Free Magazine Portal - Search for individual articles from a collection of free online magazines. Search by key word or browse directory. Sponsored by Hot Neuron LLC.
Refdesk - Reference Desk for the Internet. Includes a directory of links to facts and sites on the Web. Includes links to facts-at-a glance, top reference tools, facts search desk, help & advice, current news & weather, business, sports, social sciences, applied sciences, philosophy, religion, Internet facts, arts/entertainment, literature, geography/history.
LibrarySpot - An online Library Reference Room. Many excellent links to searchable databases.
Library of Congress Home Page - Includes a searchable online database of holdings, frequently ask questions, kids info, copyright forms and information, online exhibition gallery, full-text legislative information, and the National Digital Library, and much more.
Library of Congress Services for Researchers - This section of the Library of Congress site includes Library catalogs, electronic resources, research guides & bibliographies, and general research information.
Encyclopedia.com - The Internet's free encyclopedia with more than 50,000 articles.
Merriam Webster Online - Searchable database for the Collegiate Dictionary and Collegiate Thesaurus. Links to other dictionaries on the Web.
OneLook Dictionaries - Search for word definition using the databases of over 750 dictionaries combined into one search tool.
YourDictionary - Look up a word in the dictionary or thesaurus. Site includes language dictionaries, specialty dictionaries, and grammar lessons for different languages. Includes over 1800 dictionaries and 250 languages. 
Information Please Almanac - A compendium of information from almanacs, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and atlases. Both directory and database search available.
Guinness World Records - Online database of world records included in the Guinness Book. Selected records include videos.
How Stuff Works - Easy to understand answers to common questions. Selected categories include computers & Internet, engines & automotive, electronics & telecomm, science & technology, aviation & transport, body & health, living & entertainment, and household machines.
Making of America Digital Library - Collection of primary sources in American social history from the ante-bellum period through reconstruction. Particularly strong in areas of education, psychology, history, sociology, religion, science, and technology. 
Republican National Committee - Plans and organizes the GOP national campaign. Activities include fund raising and candidate selection. Plans and executes the National Republican Convention for the Grand Old Party. The GOP was founded in 1856 by John Fremont and was the party of Abraham Lincoln.
Democratic National Committee - Plans and organizes the Democratic national campaign. Activities include fund raising and candidate selection. Plans and executes the National Democratic Convention. Thomas Jefferson founded the Democratic Party in 1792.
Human Rights Watch - This is the largest human rights organization based in the United States. Human Rights Watch researchers conduct investigations into human rights abuses in all regions of the world and publish their findings in dozens of books and reports every year.
United Nations - The UN is comprised of nearly every autonomous nation in the world. Chartered in 1945, it is an international organization designed to facilitate communication and cooperation among member nations in order to avoid armed conflict. It has a wide-ranging humanitarian and peacekeeping mission.
North Atlantic Treaty Organization - NATO is comprised of 19 member countries (mostly European and the US) who have formed an alliance to preserve world peace. Formed after World War II, it was initially concerned with conflict between the Soviet Union and the West. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, it has focused on regional instabilities (Kosovo, Middle East, etc.) and most recently on anti-terrorism. 
Zdnet - IT Technology news from the publisher ZDNet. Includes top stories, latest prices, software reviews, hardware reviews, careers, and downloads. A great online industry "rag."
ComputerUser High-tech Dictionary - Search for definitions to high-tech terms.
Webopedia - Online dictionary and search engine for computer and Internet technology. Search by key word or by category.
Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE - Information and support for digital library developers worldwide.
FedStats - The gateway to statistics from over 100 US Federal agencies. Includes national, state, county, and local statistical profiles.
Population Reference Bureau - Information on US and international population trends and their implications.
InfoSpace - An online web directory. Includes yellow pages, white pages, location references, shopping, classifieds, computing, travel, public records, and entertainment. Similar to Yahoo, but much smaller.
SuperPages Yellow Pages - Online Yellow pages for Verizon. Search by category and location or use the directory of supertopics. Not a complete listing since only business that pay an additional fee are included.
Switchboard - Directory that includes both Yellow and White pages. Use it to find a person or a business. Not affiliated with any telco.
The Ultimate White Pages - Metasearch for Internet white pages. Locate a person using Whitepages, Infospace, Yahoo, Whowhere, Switchboard, or Anywho. Perform reverse searches using Infospace or Anywho. Perform map searches using Mapquest, Mapblast, or Mapsonus.
ZIP Code Lookup - Offered by the US Postal Service, site includes the Lookup Engines for Zip+4 Codes and City/State/Zip Code Associations. 
National Geographic Map Machine - Interactive map generator that includes world themes, US themes, street maps, Atlas maps, historical maps, flags, and facts. Multiple scales and views.
All The Worlds Maps - A searchable database of country and city maps.
Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection - Online collection includes maps of general interest (world, country, state), maps of special interest, historical maps, links to maps on other web sites. Hosted by University of Texas at Austin.
Geographic Names Information System - Developed by the US Geological Service, in cooperation with the US Board of Geographic Names, this searchable database contains information about almost 2 million physical and cultural geographic features of the United States, Territories, and Antarctica. Links to sites offering map viewers for graphical display.
UN Maps and Geographic Information - Assembled by the Cartographic Section of the United Nations, this site includes a directory of general maps, peacekeeping maps, and thematic maps. Maps are in PDF format and printable. 
Chamber of Commerce Directory - Information on visiting or relocating to a specific US city or state.
Corporate Profiles and Country Information - This Corporate Information site includes company profiles worldwide, industry and economic information about specific countries, and currency rates.
Associations on the Net - Collection of over 2000 Internet sites with information of professional and trade associations, cultural and art organizations, political parties, and advocacy groups, labor unions, academic societies, and research institutions.
Global Health Observatory - The Global Health Observatory (GHO) is the World Health Organization's (WHO) gateway to health-related statistics from around the world. The GHO issues analytical reports on priority health issues, including the World Health Statistics annual publication, which compiles statistics for key health indicators. Analytical reports will address cross-cutting topics such as women and health.
PubMed - PubMed comprises more than 20 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books. Citations may include links to full-text content from PubMed Central and publisher web sites. 

Humanities Websites

The Avalon Project - Digital documents relevant to the fields of Law, History, Economics, Politics, Diplomacy and Government. Sponsored by Yale Law School.
Drama Collection - Plays, screenplays and discussions of drama and dramatic productions. Sponsored by the English Server.
Humanities Text Initiative - Full-text books that are available without charge to the public. Listed alphabetically by topic. Hosted by University of Michigan.
Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy - Medical reference information for the professional
Merck Manual Home Edition - Medical reference information for the home
Modern English Collection - Site contains a heterogeneous collection of fiction, nonfiction, drama, letters, manuscripts, and illustrations from the 1500 to the present. Text encoded in SGML and requires a SGML browser. Sponsored by University of Virginia
Oxford Text Archive - Several thousand electronic texts in a many languages. No charge to the public.
Smithsonian Institution Libraries - Digital Collections - The first online books and manuscripts from the Smithsonian
University of Chicago Online Texts - Over sixty online texts listed alphabetically by author. All pre-1923 publication date.
Electronic Open Stacks Home Page - This site is the University of Chicago's home for image-based texts. Navigate through digital facsimiles by way of the digital table of contents with a page turner or by means of a page navigator. Full-text searchable collections of texts also available.
University of Pennsylvania Digital Library - Digital Library programs and projects of University of Pennsylvania. Includes digital facsimiles of rare materials, online books, and research. 
The American Classical League - Compilation of links to classic text repositories.
Perseus Digital Library - Perseus is an evolving digital library. Its primary goal is to bring a wide range of source material to as large an audience as possible. It includes the Classics (Greek, Latin, Archeology), Papyri, English Renaissance, the London Collection, and selected US Works. This is a highly recommended site.
Princeton Encyclopedia of Classical Sites - This listing of classical geographical sites is based on the Perseus project. 
Luminarium - A collection of full-text English literature, including Medieval (1350-1485), Renaissance (1425-1603), 17th Century (1603-1660). Listed alphabetically by author. Maintained by Anniina Jokinen. This site is highly recommended.
Humanities Text Initiative - Alphabetical listing of full-text resources that are available on the web. Hosted by University of Michigan.
Middle English Collection - Forty titles, most of which are publicly-accessible. Sponsored by University of Virginia
Modern English Collection - AD 1500-present - Browse by subject. 2,722 titles including 17,518 manuscript and book illustrations (including covers, spines, page images), many of which are publicly accessible. Sponsored by University of Virginia. Includes lookup tool, language tool. Selected Latin texts available.
Short Stories - Original short stories sponsored by east of the web. You can browse by category or search for a title, author, or keyword. Stories can be read online, printed, or downloaded for reading off-line or on a Palm device.
Bah' Resource Library - Site includes primary and secondary source materials relating to the Bah' faith.
Bible Gateway - The Bible in nine languages. Includes passage lookup and word search. Select from eleven versions of the Bible.
Chabad Literature - Archive of Chabad literature, including full books, articles, and commentary
Christian Classics Ethereal Library - Books from a variety of viewpoints and traditions. Sponsored by Wheaton College.
Secular Web Library - Historical documents relating to atheism. No living authors included in archive.
Zoroastrian Archives - Sites provides the complete text of the extant Avesta, the most ancient scriptures of Zoroastrianism, as well as many Pahlavi scriptures. 
American Verse Project - Volumes of American poetry prior to 1920. Sponsored by University of Michigan.
Bartleby Verse: American and English Poetry 1250-1920 - An important public domain collection
British Women Romantic Poets Project - Full-text works listed alphabetically by author. Both SGML and HTML versions are available. The SGML versions have superior formatting, but require a special browser.
Poetry Index of Canonical Verse - Search the poems by title, author and keyword. Maintained by CMU. 
Dr. Jack Cross's Electronic Archive - PDF versions of classic books, archives guides and Dr. Cross's books. Hosted by Oxford.
ERIC/AE Full Text Internet Library - Books, articles and papers on educational measurement, evaluation and learning theory
Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts - Fully indexed by topic. Site includes Folklore, Mythology, Fairy Tales, as well as, Germanic Myths, Legends, and Sagas. Maintained by D. L. Ashliman
Internet History Sourcebooks - Sourcebook for ancient, medieval, and modern history. The books that tend to have been put online here, or those that have been linked, tend to be those entire books that are often assigned to students in college classes to be read along with the more usual excerpted texts.
Mathematics - Electronic Library - Site contains online journals, article collections, and monographs in the field of mathematics. All material is in electronic form is access is free. Sponsored by European Mathematical Society.
Online Children's Stories - Alphabetical listing of online children's story by title. *******s000
William H. Calvin - Articles, talks, and books by William H. Calvin. Most topics relate to biological and cultural evolution 

Computer Websites

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) - The W3C develops interoperable technologies (specifications, guidelines, software, and tools) to lead the Web to its full potential as a forum for information, commerce, communication, and collective understanding. The primary source for all HTML standards. W3C has moved to XML, but does not control it. This group was started by Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the Web.
HTML, The Bare Bones Guide - A list of all HTML tags organized according to how they are used in a document. Includes basic tags for inserting javascript and Java applets into an HTML document. The guide is available in plain text format or HTML format. Maintained b Keven Werback.
HTML, A Tutorial - Online lesson on how to create a Web site. Includes tips on everything from getting started in designing a site to advanced design techniques, obtaining Web hosting, and improving site traffic through Internet marketing and META tag use. Maintained by Davesite.com
Web Site Usability - Cutting-edge columns on Site Usability. Includes write-ups on the most recent issues related to effective Web design. Maintained by UseIt.com.
Web Page Design - Information related to the visual aspect of an effective Web site. Focuses on constraints imposed by cross-browser compatibility issues. Sponsored by wpdfd.com.
Cascading Style Sheets - Overview of Cascading Style Sheets, including introduction, structure & rules, linking, properties, dependences, and tutorial. Sponsored by htmlhelp.com. 
ODP Computers Directory - Directory for Computers from the Open Directory Project, a directory maintained by volunteer editors. Selected topics of interest from this Directory include Data Communications, Networking, Hacking, Programming, and much more.
Microsoft TechNet - Microsoft's resource page for the IT professional. Site includes solutions, security, downloads and much more. An excellent way to keep up with Microsoft technology.
System Admin Portal for Microsoft Product - Site includes articles, discussion groups, knowledgebase, and online library for all Microsoft back office products and certifications. This site is independent and not associated with Microsoft.
Cisco Technical Assistance Center - Cisco resource page for Wide Area Network professionals. Site includes configuration documentation, downloads, troubleshooting tips, online tools, networking solutions and much more. An excellent way to keep up with Cicso technology.
TechFest - Compendium of technical information on all topics relating to networking and computer technology. The site is designed for professionals, researchers, educators, and students who need an initial reference that will help them find the detailed information they need.
Linux Documentation Project - Site is provides links to definitive Linux documentation, manual pages, How-To documents and FAQs. LDP is a volunteer organization seeking to consolidate Linux information for both the experienced and new user.
Apache Software Foundation - The Apache Software Foundation developed the Apache Web Server, the Internet's number one server. Apache, which runs over a Linux or UNIX OS, is open-source software and available for download without charge.
Red Hat Linux - Best known 'brand' and most popular distribution of the Linux Operating System. This is an excellent place for the new user to start. Other popular distributions include Suse, Caldera, Mandrake, and Debian. Today's version of Linux kernel can be download from the Linux Kernel Archives.
FreeBSD - Best know and most popular free distribution of BSD UNIX, the version UNIX developed by the University of California, Berkeley. Other popular distributions include OpenBSD and NetBSD. Like Linux, these distributions run on many operating system.
MAC OSX Portal - Machintosh Operating System, Version 10, is based on BSD UNIX. It includes an Apache Webserver and built-in firewall. Many feel this is a substantial improvement over previous versions.
SANS Institute - The SANS (System Administration, Networking, and Security) Institute is a cooperative research and education organization through which more than 96,000 professionals share the lessons they are learning and find solutions to the challenges they face. The core of the Institute's activities deal with information and Internet security. This is an excellent site that includes many tutorials on security.
CERT Coordination Center - CERT is the center of Internet security expertise at the Software Engineering Institute, a federally funded research and development center operated by Carnegie Mellon University. CERT studies Internet security vulnerabilities, handles computer security incidents, publishes security alerts, and engages in long-term security research. A good place to check for the latest Internet security information.
Frame Relay Forum - Industry forum for Frame Relay technology and protocols. Site includes tutorials and links to the many industry partners.
IEEE 802 Committee - The IEEE 802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee develops Local Area Network standards and Metropolitan Area Network standards. The most widely used standards are for the Ethernet family, Token Ring, Wireless LAN, Bridging and Virtual Bridge LANs. All standards can be downloaded without charge. An excellent site for those who want all the details.
Internet Society - The Internet Society guides the worldwide development of the Internet. ISOC deals with technical, political and social implications of the Internet. An excellent resource. ISOC was started by Bob Kahn and Vint Cert, the Inventors of the Internet.
Internet Engineering Task Force - IETF is a large international community of network designers, operators, vendors, and researchers concerned with the evolution of the Internet architecture and the smooth operation of the Internet. It is open to any interested individual. This organization is responsible for most Internet standards, including TCP/IP and is part of the Internet Society.
IPv6 Home Page - Official site for Internet Protocol Version 6. IPV6 is the "next generation" protocol designed by IETF to replace the current version Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPV4)
Telecommunications Industry Association - TIA is an industry organization representing over 1,100 member companies that manufacture or supply the products and services used in global communication. This organization has established a number of key standards relating to fiber optics, user premised equipment, network equipment, wireless communications, and satellite communications.
International Telecommunication Union - ITU, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland is an International organization with the United Nations where governments and the private sector coordinate global telecom networks and services. Has developed many standards, including all the V standards for modems (V.34, V.90, V.92, etc.), the X standards for networks (X.25, X.400, X.500). X.400 is the most widely accepted enterprise e-mail standard. X.500 is the directory used for Microsoft's Active Directory and Novel's Directory Services. 
Programming Texts and Tutorials - A list of freely available documents (tutorials, books, guides, reference manuals, etc.) for learning how to program in various languages, as well as about various Linux and UNIX related topics. Very extensive. Compiled by Steven Baum.
Microsoft Developer's Network - MSDN is Microsoft's primary resource portal for application developers. Site includes library, code center, downloads, how-to index, articles, and discussion groups. Material is suitable for both beginner and advanced programmers.
Microsoft .NET Portal - Explore Microsoft's new distributed software architecture based on XML and designed to share data over the Internet, regardless of operating system, device, or programming language. Excellent site for professional programmers and E-Business developers.
Microsoft Visual Basic Portal - This site includes a collection of technical resources, samples, downloads, and online tools for the Visual Basic programmers.
Visual Basic Explorer - Award winning site dedicated to the novice VP programmer. Includes plenty of tutorials and sample programs.
Java Technology Source - Sun Java portal for both new and experienced Java programmers. Includes tutorials, technology tips, hot topics, and community discussions.
CGI Resource Index - A collection of over 2,600 CGI related resources in more than 240 categories. Excellent place to start a search for the perfect script.
Oracle Technology Network - Oracle's resource page for database professionals. Site includes online library, downloads, products, and evaluation CD packs for all Oracle products. An excellent way to keep up with Oracle technology.
IBM DB2 Database Portal - IBM's resource page for the database professional. Site includes support, case studies, library, and downloads. DB2 Universal Database is IBM's e-business database of choice.
MySql Portal - The world's most popular Open Source Database, designed for speed and power. Can be downloaded and used without charge for noncommercial or education applications. Small charge for commercial applications. This high performance database should be explored by every database professional.
Microsoft SQL Server Portal - Microsoft's resource page for the SQL professional. Site includes technical resources, downloads, support, tips & tricks, and tutorials. An excellent way to keep up with MS SQL technology.
PHP Portal - PHP is a server-side, cross-platform, HTML embedded scripting language. It is another open source project and provides an excellent alternative to ASP and JSP for database driven websites.
XML Industry Portal - This organization was formed by OASIS, the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Systems, to minimize overlap and duplication in XML languages and XML standards initiatives by providing public access to XML information and XML Schemas.
O'Reilly XML Site - A collection of articles and links relating to the latest developments in XML. Excellent XML resource. Good research starting point. 

MS Excel 2010 Tutorial - Follow easy tutorials (Introduction, Basics, Functions, Data Analysis and VBA) that teach you how to use Excel. You can even email someone to answer your excel questions. Find related examples and features (300 examples) on the right side of each chapter.