Indonesia Scholarship 2015

Indonesia Scholarship


Flyer: Indonesia Scholarship


Indonesia Scholarship Flyer


Stratford with Former Indonesian Ambassador Dino Patti Djalal (middle) in Culinary Contest.


Stratford with Indonesia Ambassador


Chef Putri with Students






Indonesia Cuisine Class




Sourcream Mousse




Scholarship Offered:


  • (1 each) 50% tuition (and food/instructional fees) Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management with a Culinary or Baking and Pastry Arts Concentration. Can be completed in as little as 30 months. Value over $35,000.
  • (2 each) 50% tuition (and food/instructional fees), Associates in Applied Science, Culinary or Baking and Pastry Arts. Program can be completed in as little as 16 months. Value over $20,000.
  • (1 each) 50% tuition up to $7,500, English as a Second Language Scholarship (ESL). Bolster your English Skills and decide whether to continue your studies. Value up to $7,500 depending on skills assessment.
  • (1 each) 50% tuition (no food/instructional fees) Master of Science in International Hospitality Management. Value up to $12,015.
  • (automatically open to winners of any of the above scholarships, except Master’s) Upgrade (20% Tuition, up to $8,000) scholarship for winner of one of the above scholarships. The winner of one of the above scholarships can choose to upgrade to the AAS (from the ESL), to the BA in Hospitality or Culinary Management (from the AAS in Culinary or Baking), or the Masters in International Hospitality Management (from the BA) upon completion of their AAS and receive a 20% tuition scholarship for the upgraded program. Value up to $8,000 (depending on program upgrade).

Additional Requirements:

  • Scholarship award will be divided evenly across each term based on expected terms required to complete the program for which the reward was received.
  • The student will be responsible for additional fees required by the program including the uniform/tool kit fee, activities fee, graduation fee, etc. (approximately $1,200). Food and supplemental class fees associated with culinary and baking lab classes will be covered under the scholarship award.
  • Student will be responsible for all transportation and living expenses to and from the U.S. and during their enrollment.
  • Scholarship Application is due on May 31, 2017
  • Scholarship winners must enroll for program start dates Term 4, 2018 or earlier (August 2018).

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We are focusing on real-life experiences in the classroom. Professors share how they experience particular situations in their profession and what decisions they've had to make. This makes me more confident and prepares me for the real-world.

Natalia Bogdanova , Bulgaria

I'm taking fundamentals of baking, taught by Chef Brett, who is a great teacher and knows what he is doing! We have been baking cakes, cupcakes, muffins, and many types of bread. I have learned so much in just 5 weeks!

Maria Paula Quintana , Colombia

I chose the MS in Information Systems program because in my old school we didn't have many online resources, most things were done offline. Kazakhstan is behind in information technology, so once I get my Master's degree I want to go back and contribute to the IT aspect of my Country's development.

Kamilya Nurgaliyeba , Kazakhstan

Before I came to the United States, I was working at a mining company and a travel company... but I decided I want to have my own business. I enrolled in the MBA program to develop my skills and capabilities. That's why I came to Stratford!

Enerel Chuluunbat , Mongolia

The United States is an organized country, most things are easy to understand, easy to follow. Teaching methods at Stratford make classes very interesting. I want to be a university professor and spread this education concept in my home country too.


Abdulrahman Aljefri , Saudi Arabia