Change of Status

Change of Status

Follow these steps to successfully start your journey with Stratford University

Contact ISO to check eligibility

Contact ISO to check eligibility and the timeline for Change of status process. Some visas may not be eligible to change visa status due to their current visa restriction.

Submit your application Package

Getting started by applying at Stratford University! Please make sure to select the campus of your choice while filling the application.

Prepare your application Package

Note: You can upload/attach the supporting documents at the end of the online application.
If any questions, please email

  1. Copies of Academic Transcripts/Diplomas for all high schools/colleges/universities attended
    • Graduate Program: Copy of high school diploma, copy of original university diploma and transcripts
    • Undergraduate Program: Copy of original high school diploma
    • Note: In English or translated to English by a certified translator.
  2. Proof of Financial Support
    • Official bank statements OR balance certificates that verify sufficient funds to cover the cost of the educational program, as well as all living expenses. Sufficient funds should be equal to or greater than (per academic year):
      • $19,015 for a graduate program (master’s degrees)
      • $21,985 for an undergraduate program (bachelor’s and associates degrees)
    • Signed affidavit of financial support if the bank statements or balance certificates are in the name of your parents or someone other than the applicant. This letter must be notarized.
    • Proof of financial support requires that you have sufficient funds to pay your first academic year's expenses. We encourage you to safely and quickly satisfy this requirement via FundsV if your bank (or your sponsor’s bank) is part of fundsv’s robust network of more than 3,500 financial institutions; confirm your bank’s participation at FundsV empowers bank account holders to point their online banking data to Stratford University’s International Student Office. You may also upload supporting documents to your FundsV profile (such as an Affidavit of Support). A nominal registration fee of $US50 entitles you to unlimited account balance verifications and access to your FundsV profile for 24 months. Your FundsV profile is accessible only to Stratford University, and does not satisfy the funds verification requirements of any other entity. Register Now!

    Note: Original documents are required to demonstrate proof of financial support. Documents must be mailed to 'Put address' OR 'put info about Funds V'.

  3. Photocopy of student’s passport Inside cover and signature page
  4. Photocopy of visa and I-94
  5. Two Recommendation Letters (academic, professional or personal)
    • Required for graduate programs and undergraduate programs
  6. Resume(Graduate level only)

Acceptance Letter and I-20

After reviewing your application, you may receive an acceptance letter, I-20 and the instruction sheet to apply for change of status. You will be required to collect the documents to apply for change of status. ISO staff can help you prepare and can also review your documents before you send it to USCIS.

Note: I-20 issued to you is only valid for 30 days from the date that it was issued. If for any reason you are late in sending the documents. Please request another copy of your I-20.

Mail your documents to USCIS

You are now ready to mail your supporting documents to USCIS. Please check I-539 instructions for the mailing address and for any updates in the processing time. This process may take anywhere from 3 months to 6 months. During this time some visa holders may be allowed to take classes and some may have to wait for the approval due to visa restrictions. ISO staff will inform you in detail about your visa restriction at the time of your admissions process. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions that you may have at this point of time.

Change of status approved!

Once you receive your approval notice, please contact ISO and bring the original receipt I-797 for the registration process. Please refer to step D in “transfer student” process.

We are focusing on real-life experiences in the classroom. Professors share how they experience particular situations in their profession and what decisions they've had to make. This makes me more confident and prepares me for the real-world.

Natalia Bogdanova , Bulgaria

I'm taking fundamentals of baking, taught by Chef Brett, who is a great teacher and knows what he is doing! We have been baking cakes, cupcakes, muffins, and many types of bread. I have learned so much in just 5 weeks!

Maria Paula Quintana , Colombia

I chose the MS in Information Systems program because in my old school we didn't have many online resources, most things were done offline. Kazakhstan is behind in information technology, so once I get my Master's degree I want to go back and contribute to the IT aspect of my Country's development.

Kamilya Nurgaliyeba , Kazakhstan

Before I came to the United States, I was working at a mining company and a travel company... but I decided I want to have my own business. I enrolled in the MBA program to develop my skills and capabilities. That's why I came to Stratford!

Enerel Chuluunbat , Mongolia

The United States is an organized country, most things are easy to understand, easy to follow. Teaching methods at Stratford make classes very interesting. I want to be a university professor and spread this education concept in my home country too.


Abdulrahman Aljefri , Saudi Arabia