Student Financial Aid Application

Student Financial Aid Application

Financial Aid Applications

Financial Aid is available for those who qualify. To apply for federal financial aid, a student must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The application must be completed with extreme care and accuracy. Our Student Financial Aid Officers are available to assist students in the completion of this form and to answer any questions.

The FAFSA is used to determine eligibility for all types of financial aid programs. Once processed, the application will produce an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) which determines eligibility.

Financial aid from federal programs is available for those who qualify and is not guaranteed from one year to the next. Each student must reapply every year. Also, if the student changes universities, the aid does not automatically go with them. Each student should check with the new university to find out the appropriate procedures for reapplying for financial aid.

Need and Cost of Attendance

Once the application is completed, the information will be used in a formula established by the Congress that calculates need and helps determine eligibility. When combined with other aid and resources, a student's aid package may not exceed the cost of attendance.

Policies and Procedures for Verification

  1. All selected applicants will be verified.
  2. The selected applicants must submit required verification documents within 7 days of notification.
  3. If a student fails to provide the required documentation within the established time frame, he/she will be treated as cash paying student until the documents are provided.
  4. The Financial Aid Office reserves the right to make exceptions to the above stated policies due to extenuating circumstances, on case-by-case basis.
  5. Students will be given a clear explanation of the documentation needed to satisfy the verification requirements and the process for the document submission.
  6. The University will inform students in a timely manner of the consequences of failing to complete the verification requirements and the actions the University will take if the student does not submit the requested documentation within the time period specified.
  7. Students will be informed of their responsibilities regarding the verification of application information, including the University's deadline for completion of any actions required.
  8. Students will be notified if the results of the verification will change the student's scheduled award.
  9. The University will assist the student in correcting erroneous information.
  10. Any suspected case of fraud will be reported to the Regional Office of the Inspector General, or if more appropriate, to a State or local law enforcement agency having jurisdiction to investigate the matter. Referrals to local or state agencies will be reported on an annual basis to Inspector General.
  11. No interim disbursements of Title IV aid will be made prior to the completion of verification.