Mary Ann Shurtz

Executive VP & Board of Trustees


Mary Ann Shurtz is the Executive Vice President of Stratford University, providing overall direction and supervision of university operations and personnel. Mrs. Shurtz  assists with the development of budgets, forecasts, and evaluation of sales, marketing, advertising, and public relations initiatives within and external to the university. Mrs. Shurtz works closely with major advertising and public relations agencies in forming business development strategies and fostering successful business relationships that comply with the Department of Education, Veterans Affairs, Immigrations, Accreditations, and best practices standards and requirements. She has held this position since 1986.

Prior to joining Stratford University, Mrs. Shurtz was manager and supervisor of the Northern Virginia Office of Consumer Affairs from 1972-1986. Her role included investigation and mediation of complaints, reviewing legislative alternatives, and representation of the NVOCA office at public gatherings; and she was highly instrumental in the establishment f the Consumer Education and Information Association of Virginia.

Mrs. Shurtz has a Bachelor’s degree from Pittsburg State University and a Masters of Business Administration from Stratford University.