Doctorate Degree Program

Expand Your Horizon with Specialized Doctorate Degree Programs

Stratford University offers focused doctorate degree programs that help you expand your horizons and offers opportunities in diverse industries. If you have completed a master’s degree, you can apply for a doctoral degree course to further enhance your skills through extensive research and analysis. The demand for PhD-qualified professionals is increasing by the day; thanks to their remarkable critical-thinking, problem-solving and decision-making abilities. Stratford University’s doctorate degree courses not only focus on your academic development, but also prepares you to face real-life problems without breaking a sweat.

Specialization Options

Doctor of Business Administration

The Doctorate degree in Business Administration enhances your understanding of business processes, and develops leadership and decision-making abilities. The program, in short, equips you with comprehensive knowledge to succeed in the ever-evolving business world. For more info, click here.

Doctor of Information Technology

The Doctorate degree in Information Technology not only focuses on advanced research and theory in specific fields of information technology, but also cultivates research skills that you can apply on an organizational-level to overcome IT-related challenges. For more info, click here.

Both doctorate degree programs multiply potential career options for professionals and drive higher remuneration.

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