A Message from Mary Ann and Dr. Shurtz

Hello Students, Faculty and Stratford Employees,
Here at University Administration, we strive to support the entire Stratford family in every way we can. As a family, we should stay connected and share our many activities and stories of success. We want to collect newsworthy happenings from all of you and send them out quarterly in this newsletter. So let us know what you’re proud of and would like to be included in this format. By sharing our successes, we can all take pride in being part of such a strong family.


Summer 2018 Sum-Up

What have you been doing all summer? Here at Stratford, we’ve been busy with several events - the perfect mix of fun and learning. Take a look at what we’ve been up to.

Open House on Campus

On Saturday, July 14, we had our first ever open house at all of our campuses! Students and grads brought their friends to the fun event, and prospective students had a chance to get to know Stratford University. We had a raffle, and seven lucky students won a Lenovo Flex 3 laptop! We’re having another open house in the fall, so if you missed this one, be sure to catch the next one November 3rd at all campuses.

Graduate Success Stories

Michele Wilson, Stratford graduate and founder of “Ma Michele’s” restaurant, first found her love of cooking sitting in her grandma’s kitchen in Philadelphia. Her journey to opening her own restaurant began when she was working in the mortgage industry cooking for company parties and potlucks. She began to cater these events herself and then decided to pursue a career in cooking by opening a booth at a local flea market in 2012 and enrolling in the Advanced Culinary Arts Program at Stratford University in 2014.

At Stratford she was under the direction of Chef Howell and Chef Erlenbach and received honors in 2016. She opened “Ma Michele’s” in 2017 while still a student, and in 2018 she graduated from Stratford University with two AAA in Advanced Culinary Arts and Baking and Pastry.

We recently received a heartwarming letter from Navy veteran Steve Carothers, who described his Stratford journey with gratitude and respect. He fell in love with computers as a young boy in a small Kentucky town but he realized his self-taught skills were lacking. So he joined the Navy and earned a BA in CIS in 2003, then went on with his career to retire from the Navy in 2016.
After retiring, he wanted to gain more experience in Information Technology, so he started an MS program in IT at Stratford University. His goal was to graduate the program with a 4.0 GPA, so all of the Stratford faculty in Virginia Beach set out to help him achieve this. “Every professor I had during my tenure at Stratford University

made it their personal goal to ensure that I had the tools and education available to me to meet my goal of completing my Master’s with a perfect 4.0. Not only did he achieve this goal, but he graduated “Summa Cum Laude” with two degrees (MS in Information Systems and MS in Cyber-Security) and a 4.0 GPA in 2018.
After graduation, a fellow Stratford student offered Steve the job of Integration Team Lead/ Computer System Analyst in a large scale Enterprise Staging and Warehousing project for the US Navy and Marine Corps. “Within two months of starting this project as a Team Lead I have excelled due to the knowledge attained during my tenure at Stratford University and I have been promoted twice.” Steve is currently a Project Manager in charge of a team of 31 people and earning a six-figure income. He attributes his success to the education he received at Stratford and says, “Thank you to Dr. Nyeanchi and the staff and faculty at the Stratford University Virginia Beach campus for helping me and so many others be successful.”

Our Executive Vice President, Mary Ann Shurtz, in Hyderabad, India with the US Ambassador. She frequently travels meeting important people who can connect her with students looking to come to America to go to school.

Graduating soon?

Stratford is offering and Alumni Advantage Reward to students who graduate and then decide to continue on and get that next degree. The reward is a 15% discount for any of our alumni on the program of their choice in Term 5, October 2018 or Term 1, January 2019. Contact your Admissions Officer at your preferred location for details or go to www.Stratford.edu/AAA

Need help with Tuition?

As part of our Power Forward Program, we’re offering Stratford Extra Rewards. Like a frequent flyer program, for every class a student completes successfully (with at least a 2.5 GPA), rewards points are earned that can be used to pay toward loans or toward classes at the end of your program. This can be up to $6,660.00 for Bachelor’s and $3,330 for Associate’s degrees. To date, Stratford has given back over $280,000 in these rewards points, so don’t miss out! Contact your Admissions Officer at your preferred location for details or go to www.Stratford.edu/goldenopportunity

Campus Corner

National Barbecue Battle

Our Alexandria and Woodbridge campuses represented Stratford University at the 26th annual Giant National Barbecue Battle in D.C. to raise money for the USO. Chefs Hatheway, Oravec, Carey and Cossart were cooking up a storm and hard-working student volunteers served up delicious BBQ as Pennsylvania Avenue was transformed into a huge backyard patio. The cook-off raised more than $18,650 for the USO.

Atelier Culinaire

Stratford University - School of Culinary Arts and Hospitality has opened their own restaurant, Atelier Culinaire, in Baltimore’s Little Italy at 806 Stiles Street. The restaurant is separate from the campus and is staffed by students who are in the final stages of their culinary degree. It will give them the opportunity to have hands-on real-life experiences in a fine dining environment.
And the restaurant will be a special experience for guests as well. It will take them back to white-linen dining, with a full bar. Menu items include steamed mussels, chilled lobster salad, rack of lamb, duck and crab cakes. Fresh dessert selections will vary day to day. Atelier de Culinary will be open Wednesday through Saturday from 6pm to 10pm.

Battle of Champions

The 2nd Annual Battle of Champions took place on June 15 at the Glen Allen campus. Falls Church, Alexandria, Woodbridge, Newport News and Virginia Beach were also represented. The students were tested in two areas: knife skills and a hot food competition, where they presented the lamb, fish or poultry dish of their choice. They were graded on a combination of both. It was an exciting competition, and the first place winner was Richard Minor from Glen Allen. Arielle Delos Santos from Alexandria came in second, and Shayna Pierson, also from Glen Allen took third. Winners received trophies for their efforts, and Glen Allen campus will hold the traveling gold trophy as the winning campus until next year’s event!

ACF National Team USA Practice Session

Stratford University proudly hosted the American Culinary Federation World Cup practice session this month at the Glen Allen, Virginia campus July 21 through 23. The American Culinary Federation is the largest professional chef’s organization in America and represents the United States in the World Association of Chefs Society (WACS). Team USA is traveling to these practice sessions and to international competitions in preparations for the Culinary World Cup held in Luxembourg every four years at the end of November. This year, the event will attract 36 nations who will compete for gold medals and grand awards. The highest scoring team will be declared the World Champions.

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