This week, Stratford University Participates in Datathon 2016

Library of Virginia
Richmond, VA

You know how it feels like technology is developing faster and faster, right? It's like we are living in a science fiction movie. In order to keep up with innovation, individuals of a higher education and incredible skills are in demand, and that is the driving force behind DATATHON 2016...

...and because this involves innovation, Stratford will be there!

On August 25-26, in conjunction with the Governor's Workforce Innovation Challenge, the Library of Virginia will host Datathon 2016. Team Stratford consisting of Dr. Shakir Ullah, Dr. Vince Osisek, Dr. Jamil Ahmad, Suman Reddy Puppala, Devanand Jayapaul, Sravan Kanagala, Nikila Panda, Ritu Singh, and Mike Rashidian will have two days turn a "Jobs Demand" dataset into a realistic plan for Governor Terry McAuliffe to put into action for 250,000 job seekers in the state. The innovations developed through the Governor’s Workforce Innovation Datathon will address this fundamental challenge and better position Virginia to fill its open jobs, and Stratford University is one of the fifteen teams taking part in this challenge on August 25 and 26.

Show your support for Team Stratford, and stay tuned here for the end results of Datathon 2016.