Stratford University wins the Perseverando Award


The Perseverando Award, presented to V3 (Virginia Values Veterans) certified organizations committed to hiring Veterans and demonstrating a superlative level of engagement with the Veterans Community, has chosen Stratford University as its 2015 recipient for superlative contributions to Virginia’s Veteran population and the V3 Program.

“We have pledged to help our veterans in any way we can in pursuing their education and earning their degree,” says Mary Ann Shurtz, Executive Vice President of Stratford University. “Receiving the Perseverando Award is a real honor.” Members from Stratford University campuses accompanied Mrs. Shurtz to receive the award from Governor Terry McAuliffe, Secretary of Veterans and Defense Affairs, John Harvey, and Commissioner John Newby.

Factors in determining recipients of this award, and how Stratford University met those factors:

  • Continuing Education Credits. To ensure the quality of their educational experience, Stratford developed the first Military and Veteran Outreach Project Management Plan which outlined specific activities per campus in support of the veteran population. Veteran students now represent 25.6% of all new students for the past year. This reflects our commitment to provide a quality education to our veterans.
  • Continuing Activity Credits. To serve our veteran employees and students, Stratford encourages and supports a wide range of engagement activities. For example, at our Virginia Beach Campus, we host V3 Training Seminars, work alongside the Virginia Veterans Corp (Wounded Warriors), and host Blood Drives.
  • Pledges/hires through the V3 Program. From July 2014 through June 2015, Stratford hired 34 veterans, increasing the overall percent of veterans in the workforce to 12.4% of the total workforce. For a medium/large-sized company that hired 46 veterans the year before and pledged an additional 30 for the next year, we have exceeded the goal by 110%.

The V3 Summit annually recognizes Virginia-based businesses that hire and host events in support of Virginia’s veterans. It hosts an annual recognition and celebration for past successes and for companies that support the future goals of the V3 Program. Stratford University has been chosen to receive the Large Company (301-1,000 Employees) V3 Perseverando.

Having served their country both on the front lines and here at home, veterans deserve Virginia’s persevering commitment so they may also enjoy the rights they have worked so hard to defend. It has been said, “The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war shall be directly proportional to how they perceive how the veterans of earlier wars were treated and appreciated by their nation.” Stratford University, offering degrees in Information Technology, Business Administration, Culinary Arts, and Health Sciences, reflects this philosophy in their own promise to veterans. “We offer many options for our military, both active and inactive, and are there to help complete their education,” Mary Anne Shurtz states. “That commitment is one reason we have our Military Student Office in order to offer continuing support to our military student body.”