Stratford University Partners with Nobel Laureate-Led “One Billion Acts of Peace” Campaign

Stratford will work with PeaceJam’s “One Billion Acts of Peace” campaign to empower solutions to humanity’s toughest challenges

Fairfax, VA – As the first university to officially partner with the “One Billion Acts of Peace” campaign, Stratford University is embracing the opportunity to become an agent of change in the world. The campaign, created by the PeaceJam Foundation, is working globally to inspire everyday people to develop projects that will advance world peace.

Led by 13 Nobel Laureates that include Desmond Tutu, Rigoberta Menchú Tum, Óscar Arias, Leymah Gbowee, Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, and Betty Williams, One Billion Acts of Peace focuses on 10 key issues ranging from conflict resolution to alleviating extreme poverty. The campaign is ambitiously hoping to achieve 1 billion acts of peace by the end of 2019.

To contribute, Stratford is encouraging its community to engage in small acts that will make a big difference. “The great thing is that small acts of peace — like cleaning up a river or teaching a homeless family how to prepare cheap, nutritious meals — add up to create a major impact,” said Dr. Richard Shurtz, president of Stratford University.

Though advancing the community was always a part of the Stratford tradition, a Mindful Leadership course actually spurred its partnership with One Billion Acts of Peace. Offered at the Falls Church campus, the course highlighted giving to others as a pathway to happiness and contentment. Supported by Mindful Leadership team members Roz Fuller, Margarita Colon-Rodriquez, Toni Sablack, and Azra Khan. Kathleen Specter spearheaded the outreach efforts to connect Stratford with One Billion Acts of Peace.

“We now have the opportunity to be a model university, inspire other schools, and attract serviceminded new students,” said Dr. Shurtz. “Our university is already involved in so many initiatives for the greater good. All we need to do is work together to get the word out about what we already do.

Learn more about the One Billion Acts of Peace” campaign, or create an account to join the movement and start a project.