Stratford Hosts Spain on Your Plate

December 10th

Monday, December 10th, Alexandria invited all students, alumni and instructors to come to the Stratford University School of Hospitality and Culinary Arts for three exclusive tasting seminars:

  1. Iberico with expert Chef Aaron Fuchs
  2. Olive oil tasting with expert Chef Jeffrey Shaw
  3. Tapas and Spanish cuisine with expert Chef Carlos Gomez

The chefs are from Wagshals, which it the first retail operation to sell raw Fermin Iberico de Bellota pork in the US. The Iberico pig feeds on acorns, which give it a nutty flavor. The chefs discussed the history and making of Iberico ham, and we tasted the wonderful ham and dried sausages as well.

The other chef, Eric, was from Jose Andres’ restaurant, Chia Chicano. He demonstrated the cooking of several traditional Spanish tapas such as Pan Con Tomato (bread with tomato), Jamon Iberico and other grilled dishes rubbed in Spanish spices.

In attendance were Mrs. Shurtz, Chef Huber from Baltimore and students from Alexandria, Baltimore and Woodbridge.