International Conference on Emerging Research for Sustainable Economic Development

International Conference on Emerging Research for Sustainable Economic Development (ERSED-2016)
Conference Dates: February 02-03, 2016
Conference Venue: Grand Flora Hotel, Dubai, UAE
Abstract/Full Paper Submission Deadline: 20th November, 2015
Registration Deadline: 15th December, 2015
Conference Theme: Emerging Research; Catalyst to Sustainable Economic Development
Conference Website:
Conference Email:

Virtual Presentation

If you are unable to physically attend the conference, ERSED-2016 provides you the opportunity to make your presentation online at a much reduced fee. Your paper would be part of the conference proceedings, and you would receive a Certificate of Participation along with the conference proceedings through regular mail.

Best Paper Award

The Best Paper Award comprises of a cash prize of US $500 and the Best Paper Certificate. This would be decided by a panel of experts and organizing committee and their decision would be considered as final.

Best Presentation Award

The best presenter would be invited to attend one free conference in 2016 conducted by KS Global Research. This would be decided by the panel of experts and organizing committee and their decision would be considered as final.

Publication of Online Conference Proceedings

All accepted research papers will be published in the online conference proceedings. Authors will be required to transfer copyright of their papers to ERSED-2016. The proceedings will be published online under ISBN: 978-969-7599-01-1 and would be shared with the participants in soft form via CD/DVD/Flash Drive (USB) during/after the conference.

All accepted papers would be published in the following conference-associated journals free of cost.

  • Virtual Foundation for Advancement of Science & Technology (VFAST) Transactions on Software Engineering.
  • VFAST Transactions on Education and Social Sciences.
  • VFAST Transactions on Islamic Research.
  • VFAST Transactions on Mathematics

For queries, do not hesitate to contact us at

Dessert Safari Tour

All the conference partcipants would be taken to a complementary Dubai dessert Safari tour. This tour departs in the afternoon across the desert of Dubai with several photo-stops during an exciting dune drive to the first destination at a camel farm. The drive continues across the desert. We stop to watch the beautiful sunset before reaching our campsite where you have the opportunity to do a camel ride, sand boarding and many other activities

Pre-Conference Workshop in Grounded Theory

Grounded theory is a widely accepted and applauded research methodology in areas where intricate social dynamics are at play. The selection of a particular research methodology is influenced by a number of factors, including the researcher’s background and the nature of the research question (Strauss and Corbin, 1990). Some areas of study naturally lend themselves more to the qualitative type of research because they are intended to “uncover and understand what lies behind any a phenomenon about which little is yet known” (Strauss and Corbin, 1990, p. 19). Given that, Grounded Theory (GT) is a research methodology where the researcher goes to the field with no research framework in hand (Glaser and Strauss, 1967), it comes out as the best suitable methodology for research in areas with little availability of literature. It is more useful in situations where hypothesis testing impractical. It is also worth mentioning that after doing some initial analysis of the first few interviews, the researcher realizes to extend the theoretical sampling (Strauss and Corbin, 1998, Strauss and Corbin, 1990, Glaser and Strauss, 1967) to respondents who are more suitable sources of information for that particular research. Thus, asking the same questions from different sets of respondents, having completely different views and understanding of the same issue, would have not made any sense. However, the actual grounded theory research is quite difficult and technical. If conducted properly, GT research will always come up with a new theory that could be further tested by other researchers through qualitative or quantitative research.

Resource Person

Dr. Shakir Ullah will conduct the pre-conference workshop on Grounded Theory. He conducted his PhD studies using Grounded Theory as his research methodology and received a Certificate of Distinction from the University of Southampton, UK. His PhD thesis was accepted “with no corrections”, which was a record at the School of Management, University of Southampton.

Dr. Shakir will share his hands-on experience of using Grounded Theory with the participants.

Note: Participants who have registered for the conference (ERSED-2016) can attend the workshop by paying an additional US $50 Fee. Those who only want to register for the workshop can attend it by paying a fee of US $200. Separate Certificate of Participation in ERSED-2016 and Workshop would be given to the participants.

Scientific Review Committee

  1. Dr. Richard Shurtz
    President, Stratford Unviersity, USA
  2. Dr. Shakir Ullah
    Conference Chair; Professor of Finance, Stratford University, USA
  3. Dr. Amir Zaman, PhD (Education)
    Conference Co Chair; Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan, Pakistan
  4. Dr. Richelle M. Resto
    Regional Dean, Region I, Stratford University, USA
  5. Dr. Voytek Panas
    Campus Director, Falls Church Campus, Stratford University, USA
  6. Dr. Keith Momeau
    Director, School of Computer Information Systems, Stratford University, USA
  7. Richard Lanier
    Lead Faculty & Academic Advisor, Stratfor University, USA
  8. Dr. Micheal Petty
    Director, School of Business, Stratford University, USA
  9. Dr. Ali Khorsad
    Advisor, School of Business, Stratford University, USA
  10. Afra Al Bahrani
    Advisor, School of Business, Stratford University, USA
  11. Dr. Imran Khan, PhD (Economics)
    Professor (Economics), Turkey
  12. Dr. Muhammad Akbar, PhD (Finance) & Certified Financial Analyst (CFA)
    Senior Lecturer (Finance), Brigham City University, United Kingdom (UK)
  13. Dr. Mohd Norfian Alifiah, PhD in Business Management (Finance)
    Senior Lecturer, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
  14. Dr. Mario Arturo Ruiz Estrada
    Senior Research Fellow/Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics and Administration, University of Malaya
  15. Dr. İsmail ŞENTÜRK
    Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Gaziosmanpaşa University, Taşlıçiftlik Campus/Tokat/Turkey
  16. Dr. Arif Ur Rehman
    Associate Professor, Department of Accounting and Finance, Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei
  17. Dr. Hasan Murat Ertuğrul
    Government Administration, Under secretariat of Treasury, Republic of Turkey
  18. Dr. Ibrahim Hussain, PhD (Economics)
    Assistant Professor (Economics), Majan College (University College), Sultanate of Oman
  19. Dr. Haider Abbas, PhD (Information Security)
    Research Scientist/Assistant Professor, Center of Excellence in Information Assurance, King Saud University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  20. Dr. Muhammad Junaid, PhD (Entrepreneurship)
    Assistant Professor, Institute of Management Studies, University of Peshawar, Pakistan
  21. Dr. Veena Tewari, PhD (Management)
    Assistant Professor, Majan College (University College), Sultanate of Oman
  22. Dr. Faisal Nouroz, PhD (Molecular Genetics, UK), Post Doc (Bioinformatics, UK)
    Head, Department of Bioinformatics, Hazara University, Mansehra, Pakistan
  23. Dr. Shumaila Noreen, PhD (Genetics, UK)
    Assistant Professor, Department of Genetics, University of Leicester, UK
  24. Dr. Kousar Takrim, PhD (Management Studies)
    Assistant Professor, College of Home Economics, University of Peshawar, Pakistan
  25. Dr. Sampath Kehelwalatenna
    Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Management and Finance, Department of Accounting, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka
  26. Dr. Muhammad Tahir
    Assistant Professor, Department of Management Sciences, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Abbottabad, Pakistan

Contact Us

Ms. Michelle Gomez
Conference Secretary
ETMR 2015

Dr. Shakir Ullah
Conference Chair (ERSED-2016)

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