Dr. Shakir Ullah hosts the "Let Us All Stand Together" Seminar at the Falls Church Campus

April 6, 2016
Falls Church, VA

Yesterday at our Falls Church campus, Stratford University hosted the "Let Us All Stand Together!" seminar, a special event promoting peace, love, and understanding the pressing need for tolerance and acceptance. The event, hosted by Dr. Shakir Ullah of Stratford University's School of Business and Student Support Officer Azra Khan, featured a variety of speakers of different religions, different backgrounds. The aim of this seminar: To promote and nurture open discussions about what makes us different, and how we are stronger when standing together.

"Open and frank communication is the key to peace and understanding," said Dr. Richard R. Shurtz II, president of Stratford University. "We need such dialogue now, more than ever before. Troubling times require extraordinary resolve. Senseless acts of violence threaten to divide us. We must stand together as human beings to fight evil and violence wherever we find it."

Featured speakers at this standing room only event included Dr. Richard Shurtz, president of Stratford University, Campus Dean Dr. Voytek Panas, Feroze Khan and Azra Khan, Dr. Hamida Hussein and Dr. Maka Tsulukidze from the School of Heath Sciences, and Margaret Gibbons, ESL Instructor. The event closed with Asma Omer leading an offering of dates, explaining the significance and importance of the fruit across cultures and religions.

"I am so proud of our Stratford community," Dr. Shurtz continues. "This event, designed to bring all religions and cultures together in peace, is testament to your determination to make a difference."

Alongside the live tweets, Instagrams, and Periscopes yesterday, we received a tweet from Ziauddin Yousafzai, father of Malala Yousafzai, as a kickoff for the event. That single tweet resulted in over 50 retweets and over 80 Likes for his call for peace, and we are deeply appreciative of this digital blessing.

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Thank you, everyone in attendance, for making this event such a success.