Our LIRN Core Collection consists of over sixty different databases for you to choose from! These databases are digital storehouses for a huge selection of articles from academic journals - a perfect place for you to start your research! You will find databases covering all the programs of study here at Stratford in the LIRN Core Collection, including Business, Computer Science and IT, Culinary Arts, Health Sciences, Hospitality Management, and Nursing! In addition, the collection also includes several general academic research databases, as well as subject-specific databases geared towards our Arts & Sciences courses.


Ebsco is another powerful and extensive online reference tool that you have access to with your Stratford credentials. Within Ebsco, you will find an Integrated Research Database that can search for articles on a variety of different academic subjects. In addition, Ebsco’s Business Source Premier is a fantastic resource for anyone taking business classes, as you will find company and industry profiles, SWOT analyses, market research reports, and more.


Britannica, the largest, most authoritative encyclopedia in the world is accessible at your fingertips with our subscription to the encyclopedia’s online academic edition. The Britannica is a great resource for finding definitions, historical facts, and background information on a subject. It’s a great starting point for research when you are not too familiar with your topic. You’ll find information on a wide range of topics in Britannica.


As a Stratford University student, you have access to all of these research materials for free. You can access them easily through the “How to Access the Research Databases” page on your Moodle, where you will find the links and passwords needed to get into the databases. You will need to sign into your Moodle in order to view this page: Research Databases

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