Program Spotlight: MS in Cyber Security

When you think about it, it all sounds like something straight out of a science fiction story. The year is 2049, and humanity’s front doors are now purely digital. But isn’t that exactly how we’d describe our emails, phones, and bank accounts?


Our most important information hides in plain sight, online, each and every day. As a result, we can’t avoid the unfortunate reality that anyone — at any time — can acquire access to our private lives as long as they know how to look. A lot of sobering statistics highlight this hideous new reality. In 2017, 1 in 15 Americans were victims of identity fraud. The year before the IRS reported $200 million in fraudulent refunds. That same year, a new computer virus was introduced every four seconds. Because of this, there’s now a strong demand for cybersecurity, which is why Stratford University offers a cyber security masters degree you can get through the classroom, online or a combination of both.  


Degree Program Highlights

Stratford’s cyber security masters program covers all of the essentials. Students receive the necessary introduction and understanding of malware: how to respond to cyber attacks, as well as, how to recover from cyber attacks. But another major benefit for Stratford’s master’s courses is simply how comprehensive the program is. Students will enroll in classes on the psychology of hacking — an important topic in our day and age where it’s easier for kids to see, read, and be attacked with words online that in the past could otherwise be easily ignored; a sad reality that contributes to a decrease in self esteem that can take years to rebuild.   


Why Stratford?

The diversity of Stratford’s curriculum allows students to take different paths. Are you someone who is more interested in the different strategies that can be applied to prevent harmful cyber attacks? Do you prefer understanding the nuts and bolts of security analytics? Perhaps you want to have a better understanding of how cybersecurity is connected to global issues? Whatever your interest, Stratford’s cybersecurity master’s college provides all the resources you need to understand more.


Stratford University’s mission is to prepare students for rewarding careers through quality educational programs that meet the changing needs of employers and the community. For more information on the application process, how to complete your Master of Science in Cyber Security, or financial aid, contact Stratford University today!