Introducing Studio Culinaire!

Are you a little tired of standing in your kitchen, bewildered by all the different ingredients, spices, and meats laid before you, all with the expectation of transforming them into a meal fit for a king and queen? Maybe you’re looking to expand your culinary skills beyond cooking something beyond just cereal and toast? Maybe you realize that you can have a career in something as essential as what you eat? Studio Culinaire is here to the rescue you with their hands-on culinary school level classes.


Getting Back to Basics

The first sign of someone who knows their way around the kitchen is how they use a knife to slice and dice. Chefs out of culinary arts school will be first to note the efficiency of various knife cuts in different recipes. Now you can, too. With the wonderful Basic Knife Skills class, you will be taught how to correctly hold a knife, what knife to use for specific foods, classic knife cuts, and also provide hands-on recipes for you to explore.


Build Your Cake and Serve it, Too!

If you’re a dessert-first type, you’re also in luck.  Bake that perfect flaky crust every time with Studio Culinaire’s Decadent Pie class.  You’ll be paired up with a classmate and be up to your elbows in deliciousness, as you explore baking techniques similar to those taught in a culinary arts program. Explore the filling side of pies by creating recipes for chocolate mousse, lemon meringue, apple, and coconut cream pies. If cake is more your nibble-speed, then the Basic Buttercream Decorating class will bring you to the next level. There are more sweet classes waiting for you at Studio Culinaire, all designed to bring you culinary fundamentals taught by experts from a culinary arts university. Learn and explore first-hand how to throw your own Sushi Party, experience Springtime in Paris, or wow your date with a Date Night in the kitchen.


These are all amazing classes that will bring you the hands-on culinary experience you’ve been looking for to add a little fun into your yum. Studio Culinaire has classes taught by culinary that can have you cooking like a pro. Sign up for a class today!