Evening Nursing: Woodbridge and Alexandria

The Stratford University Woodbridge and Alexandria campuses are now offering nursing college courses in the evenings to better accommodate all of our students’ busy schedules.


There are many reasons why students would choose to take evening courses. Evening students tend to be more driven, and serious about their studies. Students who attend night courses typically have similar schedules. They are most likely more experienced, working professionals, who are also students. They are either studying to finish their associate’s or bachelor’s degree or to earn their master’s. Some employers reimburse for college classes, and therefore, going to college in the evening allows you to work during the day and earn college reimbursement credits through your job. What other benefits are there to taking nursing courses in the evening?



If you are one of those students that works a part-time or full-time job during the day, chances are you can benefit greatly from a nursing university that offers evening classes. Classes offered online and in the evenings give you more flexibility for your work schedule as well as study time. Evening classes also tend to be longer than day classes, usually just once or twice a week. This allows students even greater flexibility. You can work days and evenings and take classes days and evenings as well.



Students who take evening classes, tend to be working professionals who are trying to advance their career by continuing their education, finishing their degree, or even changing career paths. Taking classes with peers who are studying the same degree program, such as nursing, is a great way to make connections in the same industry. This network of professional relationships can be of great benefit to you after graduation, helping to connect you with potential employers.  



Taking classes for your nursing degree in the evenings gives you more time to study for exams and work on assignments. While most day time students spend their evenings cramming for classes the next day, evening students have the flexibility of the whole day to study, and the evenings to learn. You even have the advantage of studying right up until your exams begin. This allows you to be more focused, with the material fresh in your mind.


The Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted the need for registered nurses will grow by 15% from 2016 to 2026. Our programs are designed to prepare our graduates for the nursing profession, leadership roles, and subsequent graduate study. It seeks to keep students well-versed in the latest developments and trends in healthcare and the latest scientific knowledge ultimately giving you graduates the confidence to work in a variety of healthcare settings. The Stratford University CCNE accredited nursing programs place emphasis on innovation; science and theory of nursing; advancing the use of emerging healthcare technology, and a commitment to producing dedicated patient advocates.


Small class sizes and a favorable student-to-teacher ratio encourage collaboration and the sharing of knowledge between instructors and students. With classes offered in the evening, along with days and online, earning your nursing degree has never been more convenient. We offer several start times throughout the year, to accommodate every students schedule.