Accountants: It’s Tax Day!

Every year, we’re in one of two modes: either we’re dreading tax day, or we can’t wait to spend our refund money. How we manage those modes depends on who we ask to manage our taxes. Taxes are complicated but like everything else, math simplifies the process. That’s why having an accountant is so critical. That’s why Stratford University is here to offer an accounting bachelor’s degree, an accounting master’s degree, and all of this is offered with an online accounting program to mind to respect the flexible schedule.


Account for Best Results with an Accountant

Stratford offers an accounting bachelor’s program that covers everything from A-to-Z: financial reporting, financial analysis, accounting software, problem-solving, research, organizational skills — every area needed to to be an accountant is covered. Stratford excels at making sure that each core requirement is functional. Accountants are trained to organize, divide, and ensure that the numbers make sense, no matter how many numbers there are. Regardless of family size, day job, or personal goals, Stratford offers the timely education needed to make sure that your education accommodates your timeline.     


In Time for Tax Day         

Every year, Americans tend to feel like Paul Revere himself, taking the British chancellor to task in 1770 for thinking the colonies would be ok with taxes on their tea. The good news is that taxes no longer have to feel like they did and protest with the Boston Tea Party. After all, taxes are fairly complicated. They are divided into different categories, with a tax for every situation: income tax for those who work, a property tax for those who have a roof over their head, and a sales tax for those that proudly call themselves consumers. Depending on the state you live in, these taxes are apportioned differently. The role of the accountant is making sure the numbers are right.

Understanding taxes doesn’t need to take a lifetime. Stratford offers week-long classes that can see you finish your bachelor’s degree in up to 30 months, all while taking classes online, on campus or some combination of both. Simplify tax day for you, and everyone you know with Stratford’s Accounting program.