Graduation Information - Alexandria, Falls Church and Woodbridge

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Graduation Information - Alexandria, Falls Church and Woodbridge

  • When: Saturday, June 9 th at 10:00 a.m. – GRADUATES WILL NEED TO ARRIVE NO LATER THAN 8:30 A.M.
  • Where: Cecil D. Hylton Memorial Chapel Christian Event Center, 14640 Potomac Mills Road, Woodbridge VA 22192
  • Tickets: Graduates will receive 6 tickets-tickets will be available on Campus May 9, 2018

Graduation Requirements

  • Students completing degree requirements in Q3-2017 (who did not walk in the 2017 ceremony), Q4-2017, Q5-2017, Q1-2018, Q2-2018 or Q3-2018 are eligible to walk in the 2017 graduation ceremony. If you plan to “walk”, you must complete your graduation paperwork and provide it to the Student Support/Career Services office immediately.

Graduation Attire

  • You must obtain graduation materials prior to the ceremony. You will receive a gown according to your height, a cap and a tassel. Graduation regalia, announcements and tickets will be available for pick up from the campus. You will receive an email detailing the dates and times graduation materials are available and which department to report to for pick-up.
  • Chef coats for the Culinary graduates will also be available for pick-up. Graduates will receive an email detailing pick-up information. AAS graduates should wear black pants and black shoes with their chef coat. Toques will be provided when you sign-in for the ceremony. Students completing their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree should wear cap & gown for the ceremony.

Graduation Fees

  • Graduation fees must be paid in full to receive graduation materials.
  • To receive your diploma and final transcript, you must pay the graduation fee of $195 (undergraduate programs) or $235 (graduate programs) and have a zero balance (regardless of your participation in the ceremony). Please see Student Accounts to pay graduation fees and clear any balances.

Graduation Questions

  • Please contact your Home Campus for more information:
Campus Contact
Alexandria (571) 699-3200
Falls Church (703) 821-8570
Woodbridge (703) 897-1982