Event Management Courses

Event Management Courses


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Core Courses Course Description
Event Administration The organization of business and creative elements is essential for responsible event management and is a form of project management. This course examines all five phases of event management, human resource management including diversity management, procurement, time and financial management. Pricing, client/vendor relations and the use of many resources are explored.
Event Coordination and Operations Both the business and creative elements of events need to be designed, planned and coordinated. This course examines the creative elements and applies organizational principles to insure successful events. All the creative elements used in event management are discussed and evaluated. Management of the production schedule and logistics are scrutinized in detail.
Event Marketing Marketing the event product both internally and externally to all stakeholders is essential to successful events. This course will examine the various marketing methods and apply them to the event profession as part of an overall marketing plan. Advertising, public relations, media placement and internet marketing are discussed.
Event Risk Management Successful event professionals must address risk assessment, analysis, health and safety factors and security threats to ensure the well-being of all stakeholders. This class will focus on facing and managing risk as it pertains to events so that risk may be met, mitigated, deferred or eliminated.
Elective Courses Course Description
Event Protocol The event management professional must provide for the comfort, hospitality and personal dignity of attendees at events, whether corporate, military, diplomatic, social or a combination of all. This class identifies the precedence for developing and implementing these principles and offers pragmatic solutions and resources.
Social Event Management The successful social event manager must understand life cycle events. Every nationality has its ceremonies, rituals and traditions, great and small, religious and non-religious. This course is designed to focus on the understanding of social event guidelines and responsibilities.
Event Entertainment and Production Entertainment and production elements are vital to the success of events. This course examines the basic principles of successful selection, contracting and management of both the types of entertainment and the necessary production elements, and the personnel necessary to produce successful events.
Event Fundraising and Sponsorship Both terms are often integrated, yet are very different. They require many similar skills and tasks, and both are directly related to event marketing. The differences and similarities, the ethics and the techniques are explored in this class, including financial planning and procurement of goods and services.
Event Design and Décor Décor elements provide the excitement or the “wow” factor in events and must be carefully planned and integrated into the overall event plan. Budget and safety concerns are important as well as many logistical elements. This class is presented both in a classroom and in a décor warehouse and offers a wonderful opportunity to design a dream event.

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