Returning to Work

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Getting the Career You Want


Life is unpredictable. Oftentimes, family needs can sidetrack professional goals. Perhaps you chose to raise your children or experienced a recent personal change that’s impacted your life. Regardless of the circumstance, you know it’s time to get back into the workforce – and maybe pursue the career of your dreams. Earning a degree that will get you a well-paying job could make all the difference — but you also know you’ll need help along the way. The question is which university is the right one for you?

Stratford University offers a friendly, supporting environment where thousands of others have discovered their potential and true capabilities on the way to rewarding, long-lasting careers. Our dedicated faculty and staff form the foundation of a student-centric approach to education – helping you overcome obstacles and barriers to move forward and achieve your dreams. Through our dynamic, purpose-driven learning environment, we’ll help bolster your confidence to succeed in a focused, professional, adult environment, all while moving you from the classroom to a career you’ll love at the pace you need. 


Returning to work

The Support You Need 


With our dedicated career and student support have every reason to be successful. Each campus has dedicated staff to guide you throughout your educational experience – from financial assistance to academic support and so much more. If your family’s livelihood and happiness depends on you, turn to us for help. We’ll connect you with child care, health insurance, transportation, and housing resources so you can support your family needs along the path toward getting the career you want. 

Providing Quality Career-Focused Programs to Meet the Needs of High-demand Industries