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Looking to Make a Change?


There are many reasons why people choose to change their careers. For example, you may be frustrated because your job is no longer satisfying or rewarding. Or perhaps you’ve hit the ceiling at your current company, with no clear path for promotion? Maybe you don’t know what kind of career you want, but keep dreaming of a better future.

No matter what your reason in wanting to make a change, Stratford University can help you discover your potential and true capabilities toward a rewarding, long-lasting career. We’ve helped thousands of others take the next step in their careers. And we’re ready to do the same for you.

With our dedicated career and student support have every reason to be successful.

We know it’s never too late to improve yourself and find the job you’ll love along your career path. We’ll help you chart a new course forward and earn the degree that will enable you to realize your dreams, aspirations, and goals.

Providing Quality Career-Focused Programs to Meet the Needs of High-demand Industries