Diplomat Scholarship

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Total Value 30% reduction in Tuition ONLY
Applicable study areas An eligible degree seeking program at a US campus of Stratford University.
*Program exclusions apply
Citizenship Requirements International student on A1 visa
Application Type No application is required. Students will automatically be considered for this scholarship but must sign scholarship acknowledgement before award can be applied to account.
Number of Scholarships Available Unlimited. Applicable to new admitted A1 visa students starting term 4 2018


Eligible Student: The Diplomat Scholarship is offered to International students on an A1 visa attending Stratford University at a location in the United States in an eligible degree seeking program.

Amount: The scholarship is in the form of a 30% discount applicable to tuition only. All fees associated with classes and other institutional fees are student’s responsibility. The discount will be applied to tuition only for the duration of enrollment at Stratford University. If student withdraws from class and are eligible for an institutional refund, the applicable institutional refund rate will be applied to the previously issues Diplomat Scholarship.

Term Applicable: The discount is applicable for any class for which the student enrolls starting term 4, 2018 and is offered for term 4 2018 and term 5 2018 new starts only. Discount is not applicable retroactively to any class or student who started at Stratford University prior to term 4 2018. The scholarship is applicable only for normal duration of study for completing the eligible degree program and will not be applied to any classes repeated by the student.


Student is required to accept the terms and conditions of the scholarship in their first term at Stratford University and sign and return the terms and conditions acknowledgement before the scholarship can be applied to their account.

Student agrees that the scholarship is not an offer of acceptance into Stratford University and the student is required to apply to Stratford University and meet all eligibility requirements for the program of study as outlined in Stratford University admissions requirement.

The student remains eligible for the Diplomat scholarship so long as the student remains continuously enrolled in the eligible degree seeking program at Stratford University. A student loses all eligibility for said scholarship if the student withdraws after signing the acknowledgement agreement for the diplomat scholarship. If the student withdraws from Stratford University prior to completing the degree program, the student loses all eligibility for continued participation in this scholarship. For the purpose of this policy, nonattendance for any term except in the case of STNA will be considered withdrawn

Student must receive an offer of acceptance into an eligible degree seeking program at Stratford University during the terms this scholarship is offered. Exclusions may apply to eligible programs. The offer of a scholarship does not in any way affects students responsibility for fulfilling visa requirements as applicable by the Department of Homeland Security and student is therefore required to meet and maintain eligibility requirements for visa.

Student must attain and maintain the minimum GPA requirement for the degree program as follows. 2.5 GPA for an undergraduate degree and 3.0 GPA for a graduate degree. If the students GPA falls below the aforementioned minimum requirement in any term after enrolling, student will no longer be eligible for the scholarship.

Student understands that the scholarship offer is not deferrable and student must begin enrollment in the term applicable on the offer letter for acceptance to Stratford University.

This scholarship is not compatible with any other Stratford University Institutional Scholarships, discounts or grants and acceptance of this scholarship renders the student ineligible for participation in any other Stratford University Institutional scholarships.


The scholarship is nonrefundable and not redeemable for cash.

Student understand that the scholarship does not exempt student from being subjected to any increases in tuition cost applicable during the duration of study at Stratford University.

Student agrees that they are required to pay the balance of tuition and fees not covered by this scholarship by the required date for payment for each term of enrollment at Stratford University.


Student understands that the scholarship can be terminated for any of the following reasons:

  • Student is no longer eligible for and no longer holds the visa type applicable for this scholarship program.
  • Student fails to fulfill the financial obligation to Stratford University for any term subject to the payment terms established by Stratford University for payment of tuition and fees. The issuance of this scholarship does not preclude the university from withholding any academic results and documents until payment is received.
  • If after awarding this scholarship, the University obtains information that necessitates reevaluation of the academic background or eligibility requirements for the original application for admission or program eligibility requirement, the scholarship may be terminated.
  • Student fails to maintain the required GPA requirement for this scholarship or fails to remain continuously enrolled in Stratford University.
  • Student enrolls in an non eligible academic program.