Student Financial Services

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We are committed to helping you pay for your education so that you can focus on completing your degree

Student Financial Services is here to help you make the financial arrangements to pay for your education.

We are tasked with processing all your financial transactions, providing billing and ledger card information for your review, and disbursing all Federal, private, institutional, stipend, and refund checks.

In addition, we help you:

Our goal is to help you meet your financial obligations in a responsible fashion. We will help both before and after graduation with any financial problem that you may have.

  • Apply for Federal Financial Aid (including loans and grants)
  • Apply for alternative student loans (non-Federal)
  • Apply for corporate reimbursement and vocational rehabilitation benefits.
  • Coordinate with the Military Student Office for all VA and TA benefit payments.
  • Coordinate with the International Student Office to make certain that you remain in-status.
  • Set up deferred payments plans (where necessary).
  • Apply for scholarships (when available).
  • Comply with all University policies and procedures.