stratford language institute

Frequently Asked Questions

How many courses must I take each term?

Students must enroll in one core class and one elective per quarter.

What makes Stratford's ESL program unique?

Stratford Language Institute’s proprietary curriculum was designed to maximize student communication and interaction in authentic contexts. We elevate and encourage students in a nurturing environment so they feel supported during the language-learning process. Research shows that the best language learning occurs in a low-affective atmosphere where students’ anxiety is at a minimum.

We are also mindful of the fact that students learn best by doing and feel more at home when they are able to make connections between their cultural traditions and those of others. Stratford provides activities, groups, and clubs outside of the classroom that get students talking, learning naturally, and exploring. We also provide information about university and workplace expectations to help students easily acclimate and transition to new environments.

What makes me learn English faster?

Since study materials are drawn from real-life situations, language acquisition is accelerated. The average language learner should be able to exit the ESL program in a year or less. In our small classes students get individualized attention from highly skilled and experienced teachers. 

How are students tested?

Incoming students take an ESL ACCUPlacer test on arrival to measure their listening, reading, sentence meaning, and language use skills. Subsequent testing is aligned with our textbooks and our curriculum, takes place in the classroom, and measures the material covered during the session.

Will I need to take the TOEFL or IELTS test?

No, students successfully completing Stratford's ESL program will not need to take any language test to start Stratford's degree programs, so long as they meet all other acceptance criteria.