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Admissions Overview

Your success is our most important product!

Welcome to Stratford University!  It doesn’t matter where you are in your career – whether you’re starting your undergraduate experience, gearing up to complete an unfinished degree, or looking to advance your career by earning an additional degree – Stratford University can help make your professional and educational aspirations a reality.

Stratford is an accredited university that offers a wide variety of academic programs.  In addition to certificate programs, we offer bachelor’s, associate’s, and master’s degree programs in today’s most in-demand career paths, from information technology to culinary arts to health sciences. 

Our Mission

Stratford’s Admissions Department is dedicated to helping you reach your academic and professional goals.  Our Admission Representatives’ goal is to do all they can to help you become as successful as you aspire to be. 

When you choose Stratford, you will receive help with:

  • Identifying and pursuing the career path that’s right for you
  • Matching your academic background and career aspirations with one of our many degree programs
  • Navigating the acceptance and enrollment processes

In addition, you will receive the support, advice, and guidance you need when beginning your academic journey.

The Enrollment Process

Our acceptance and enrollment process includes these four simple, but mandatory, steps:

1. Review and meet Admissions Requirements
2. Complete and submit your Application for Admission
3. Collect and submit your Supporting Documents
4. Understand and submit payment for your Admissions Fees

We’re Here to Help, Every Step of the Way

During the acceptance process, our Admissions Representatives will assess your academic interests and recommend the programs that best support your educational and professional needs. Our representatives will help you complete your application, manage your document submissions, and will be your advocate when the Acceptance Committee makes its final decision.

Upon acceptance, they will walk you through the enrollment process and help you register for your first quarter at Stratford.

If you are seeking financial aid, our Student Accounts Department will introduce you to financial aid programs, benefits, or scholarships that may apply to you.

Get Your Degree On Your Own Terms

We understand that you may not have the luxury of being a full-time student.  That is why we offer flexible class schedules that you can build around your busy day.  Stratford University offers the perfect learning environment for pursuing your academic studies while managing your busy lifestyle.  We offer conveniently located campuses throughout Virginia and Maryland, as well as a broad selection of online courses that allow you to build a class schedule that works best for you. 

International Students

International students have specific Supporting Document requirements unique to individuals with a student Visa.  Please review the International Student Office and ISO Forms sections for additional details.

Your first step is to complete the Request for Information below.