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Stratford University’s School of Computer Science & Information Technology seeks to provide students with a lifelong learning framework to develop talents and interests required for professional development. Our approach to innovation offers both a broad and specialized focus on technical skills and theories applied to the latest hardware and software, increasing your marketability in a competitive job market.

PROGRAMS with flexible schedule options

Classes are offered during days, evenings, and weekends to accommodate your busy schedule. Our classroom instruction is blended with a portion of the course delivered online.


Our learning facilities provide an environment that encourages examining and analyzing the latest IT topics. Small class sizes encourage collaboration and the sharing of knowledge between instructors and students. In addition classrooms are equipped with computers for hands-on lab activities.

Career-focused and application-oriented

Stratford University’s School of Computer Information Systems offers both a broad and specialized focus on technical skills and theories applied to hardware and software. Stratford is a Microsoft IT Academy and belongs to Microsoft Dreamspark. Our coursework addresses industry demands to help increase our graduates' marketability in a competitive job market.

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Our accelerated programs let you earn a bachelor’s degree in 30 months or a master’s degree in 15 months.


Stratford University alumni hold positions at numerous U.S. government agencies and corporations

apply what you’ve learned through

capstone projects

Capstone Project

The Capstone Project at Stratford inspired me to obtain a deeper knowledge of my major, and in the end demonstrated what skills I had honed in analyzing business strategy, and in researching and planning financial investments, for any new business. My confidence was reinforced through the Captsone experience, making me ready for future project proposals and model tools and techniques needed in the business world.

Dhanaji Thorat (MBA) .

Android App

With mobile phones becoming go-to information sources, our project was to develop a user-friendly Android app for users interested in Java certification. The app provided a holistic approach to certification with extra features such as quick revision of exam topics and practice tests. Our Android app, Javafication, became available on the Internet in the Play Store for free, culminating everything we’ve learned at Stratford.

Anushka Mhaskar & Deepa Patil

Business Capstone

Based on my Capstone topic, I was able to explore current non-traditional business models in various industries and speak to administration professionals in the targeted career fields to help determine how I wanted to design my own innovative business venture. I felt empowered with confidence in my research and organization, and the completion of this Capstone led to a renewed self-assurance for me in the workplace.

Michael J. Bates
Master of Business Administration, 2014