Successful Online Learning

Online courses require self-discipline, time management.......and most importantly the inner drive to succeed!


Online learning is a unique way of learning especially here at Stratford University. You will receive lectures, notes and even take quizzes just like you would in an on-campus class but in an online environment. The plus is that you can log in anytime, instead of commuting to class. All courses are asynchronous so you don’t have to be online at the same time as your instructor.

Time Requirements

Overall, online courses require as much online and study time as residential courses. In some cases, it can even be more. Most of our online students find the online classes are more demanding in terms of participation, commitment, and self discipline. This added rigor is offset by personal convenience to accomdate your business and personal scheduling commitments. You can work online anytime, at your pace, in your way. You can communicate with your instructor any time during the day (or night) using asynchronous messaging tools.

Learning Styles

Stratford's online courses accommodate all four learning styles corresponding to the four temperments. You can learn the material your way......through group work and projects. While taking online courses, you have the opportunity to not only discover the logic of the content, but to also improve your reading, writing, and computer skills.

Sharing Ideas

Discussions are a major component of Stratford University’s online courses. Each week students are given a discussion question and are required to post responses to which their professor provides feedback. You will also get to comment on other students’ ideas and them on yours! A great way to learn and improve your knowledge, skills, and abilities.


Online classes improve your knowledge of technology, but you need to have access to a reliable Internet connection and a computer. Also, the faster your computer “runs” the quicker you can get through your assignments. Click here to see recommended computer requirements.