Tuition and Fees

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Investing in your education is the best investment you will ever make.


Stratford University charges on a per credit basis.

  • Courses are 4.5 credits.
  • Associates degrees are 20 courses (90 credits).
  • Bachelor's degrees are 40 courses (180 credits).
  • Master's degrees are 12 courses (54 credits).

The Process

The tuition cost per credit is given on the table below. Textbooks, other than those used in General Education courses, are complimentary to registered students.

Academic LevelTuition per Credit Hour
Undergraduate $370
Graduate $495
Nursing (NSG) Course $470


The non-refundable application fee is $50. Some classes may have supply and laboratory fees that are not included in the tuition. Other fees include withdrawal fee, graduation fee, and activity fee. Please view the University Catalog for details and specific amounts.