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Why Transfer to Stratford University

Many students transfer to Stratford University for different reasons. Our credit transfer policy helps students get the most out of their previous coursework. From there, Stratford University offers flexible class schedules, small class sizes and a strong commitment to student success.

As a transfer student, you may enroll in any of our five starts. Our team is dedicated to help ensure that you transfer the maximum number of applicable credits and choose the right academic program best suited for your career success, minimizing course repetition and ensuring academic success.

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Stratford University's Transfer Credit Policy

Stratford University has established a transfer credit policy consistent with accreditation requirements. The policy is designed to

  • facilitate the transfer of students and credits from one college or university to another
  • assure maximum utilization of prior learning
  • encourage students to advance as far through the educational system as they can in pursuit of their goals

What can transfer from your previous college to Stratford?

Transfer credits may be awarded for courses:

  • Taken from nationally or regionally accredited institutions
  • That must be three or more semester-credits or 4.5 or more quarter-credits
  • Completed with a grade of C or higher
  • Coinciding with the University’s program outline.

For courses in quickly evolving disciplines such a s Cybersecurity or Digital Forensics, the amount of time elapsed since the courses were taken may affect the transferability of courses. The length of time since the course was taken and the student’s background determines whether the courses can be transferred. Courses with other grades may be transferred in at the discretion of the designated department representative. Additional documentation in the form of course descriptions, syllabi, or a competency test may be requested, if needed, to assure the transferred course is equivalent to one of the courses required for completion of a certificate, diploma, or degree at Stratford University. Credits based on clock hours are not transferrable to Stratford University.


We will help you every step of the way!

  1. Discuss your wish to transfer credits with your admissions counselor.
  2. The admissions counselor will facilitate the process of obtaining official transcripts and sending them for review by the designated academic department representative.
  3. After the transcript evaluation is completed, you will be notified about the final decision. Our team will help you understand the different program requirements and how you can maximize your previous course work by choosing the right program.

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