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At Stratford University, we strive to ensure students get the most out of their educational experience. In order to minimize the effort students have to put in to acquire their textbooks, Stratford University has implemented a Textbook acquisition and distribution program providing complimentary textbooks for students at Stratford University*.

Going Digital

Our Academic team is committed to removing any barriers for students and ensure academic success. One of the initiatives the team is working on is moving towards primarily using Digital Resources and e-Books. This allows the University to ensure timely access to these resources and also simplify the distribution process. Students benefit from instant access to their eTextbooks, which they can read anytime online or offline.

For some of the courses requiring e-books, students who prefer a print textbook instead can purchase one. The eTextbooks are complimentary, and print textbooks will cost the difference between the eTextbook price and the new print book price. For example, if an eTextbook costs $75 and the print textbook costs $100, students will pay $25 plus shipping for a print textbook. Tuition will remain unchanged.

Understand the Distribution Process

The distribution process of Textbooks varies for different formats (electronic Vs print). While majority of the materials are acquired via EdMap, some course materials maybe directly acquired from OpenSource sources. All such links will be embedded in your course content within Moodle and will not require you to process/confirm the Textbook orders.

Read the FAQs section for specific details.

Stratford University Master Textbook List

Please see Stratford University Master Textbook List here

Frequently Asked Questions

The student’s role in the Textbook distribution process is very critical. All Textbook orders for Print Only and Print On Demand type Textbooks require validation from students, students start receiving email notifications from EdMap with guidelines on what needs to be done for each course two weeks prior to the start of the term. Students must take action immediately to complete the process and allow EdMap to ensure availability of the textbooks on day 1 of the term.
Not all courses require print books or e-Books. The format of the book may vary from course to course (refer to the Master Booklist for the Term to identify the book formats). Below is a quick overview of each format and what to expect:

Print Only: Print only textbook orders require students to go through the validation process through the Bookstore. Print Only orders start processing 2 weeks prior to the start of the term.

Print on Demand Solutions: Print on Demand solutions require students to validate the book orders. Students receive a complimentary e-Book and have an option of receiving a supplemental print copy at a reduced cost. POD orders start processing 1 week prior to the start of the term.

E-book Only: e-Book only orders do not require validation from students. Once the order is processed, students will receive an email from VitalSource with the order confirmation. Students can instantly access their e-Books via VitalSource. E-Book only orders start processing 1 week prior to the start of the term.

Currently, students receive separate credentials for VitalSource and Bookstore account.

Bookstore: The Stratford University bookstore now supports Single Sign On. Please use your Stratford Network Credentials (the same username and password as your Moodle account) to access the Bookstore. If you need assistance with your Stratford account, please contact servicedesk@stratford.edu

E-Books via VitalSource Bookshelf: Look for an email in your Stratford email account from VitalSource with the information. If you need help with your VitalSource account, please contact EdMap http://www.myedmap.com/Storefront/HelpDesk/SFDVS

Print Only and Print On Demand Solutions: Please follow the directions in this PDF

E-book Only Texts via VitalSource: Courses that require E-Book only format of textbooks do not require validation by the student. Once the Textbook order is processed, the student will receive an email in their Stratford email account from VitalSource with the order confirmation and instructions for accessing the e-Book

Visit the EdMap Helpdesk page to access the Tutorials http://www.myedmap.com/Storefront/HelpDesk/SFDVS

EdMap is a content strategy and logistics company, with a mission to increase the value of educational content by simplifying its discovery, management and delivery. The mission is aligned with the goals of Stratford University to enhance the teaching and learning environment. Click here to learn more about EdMap. *For some of the courses where e-books are provided by Stratford University, students have the option to purchase a print copy at a discounted rate. Students will be notified about those courses via email.
Vitalsource is an advanced e-book software that gives you three-way access to your books: online, downloaded and mobile. Notes and highlights automatically stay in sync no matter where you make them. Stratford University works through EdMap to acquire the e-books for students and setup accounts for students in the VitalSource system. If your course requires an e-book, your book will show up in your electronic bookshelf before/on day 1 of class as long as you register at least 10 days prior to the start of the term. The details about the account are sent to students via email by EdMap.
While EdMap is the primary vendor we work with to acquire all Textbooks, VitalSource is the digital Bookshelf that students use to access and view their e-books. All print Textbooks are shipped to the students by EdMap and e-books are made available via VitalSource.
Please speak to the Student Accounts department at your campus to find out more about this option.

Support for Students

Received an email from EdMap and having trouble processing your orders?

Contact EdMap directly to resolve any shopping cart and order processing issues. The representatives are available via email and phone to assist with any issues.

You can also find helpful tutorials and current contact details of EdMap helpdesk here: http://www.myedmap.com/Storefront/HelpDesk/SFDVS

Don’t see the correct Textbooks in your account?

Please reach out to textbook@stratford.edu for any such inquiries. Most inquiries are responded to within 24 hours.

Please note that you will not see the e-book orders until one week prior to the start of the term. Orders for books involving print versions are processed 2-3 weeks prior to the start of the term, while e-book orders are processed one week prior to the start and require no validation/action by students.

Support for Faculty

How do I order desk copies?

Instructors have the option of obtaining a desk copy of the book along with supplemental teaching resources (quizzes, test banks etc.) directly from the publishers at no cost. Each publisher may have a different process and options available for instructors. Please reach out directly to the publishers to request the desk copy. If the publisher requires additional information from Stratford University, please reach out to the librarian at your campus to assist with the request.
Note regarding courses requiring an e-Book:Instructors may also request desk copies (samples) directly from VitalSource by visiting the following URL: https://www.vitalsource.com/educators

Not sure what Textbook is assigned to a course?

Review the course syllabus to find out:

URL: https://syllabus.stratford.edu/
Username and Password: Use your Stratford Network Credentials to login (the same username and password as your Stratford email and Moodle)

How do I locate a syllabus:?

Once you login, navigate to Template Library: Course Level: Click on the School to expand the course list.

Click on the small gear icon for the selected course and select the option ‘Manage Content’. This will bring up the master template for the course.

Having issues accessing a syllabus? Please contact servicedesk@stratford.edu

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