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Online Bookstore

Order you eTextbooks here. Once you have ordered your eTextbooks, login to VitalSource and begin reading.


Stratford University textbook program will ensure that you will receive your textbooks in a timely manner that you get the most out your educational experience at Stratford. The University will order and distribute all books. The student is responsible for following up. Any questions or concerns can be emailed to textbook@stratford.edu.

Textbooks are complimentary for students at Stratford University. Students must be registered at least one-week before the beginning of classes to receive textbooks on time. If the student does not receive a textbook due to lack of attendance during the normal period of textbook distribution (the first two weeks of class) then the student is responsible for obtaining the textbook through their own means. If the same textbook is used for two courses in a sequence (such as ISM500 and ISM510), only one book will be issued for both

Distribution Process

Two weeks before the start of each quarter, students can expect to see emails from ED MAP that directs them to visit the bookstore to confirm their course materials order. When students visit the ED MAP online bookstore, they’ll be able to easily see the courses they're registered to take and, for courses with digital textbooks, there will be a new option: students who prefer a print textbook instead can purchase one. The eTextbooks are complimentary, and print textbooks will cost the difference between the eTextbook price and the new print book price. For example, if an eTextbook costs $75 and the print textbook costs $100, students will pay $25 plus shipping for a print textbook. Tuition will remain unchanged.

The student’s bookstore account will allow them to easily track the status of their orders and see what books they have previously acquired. In addition to the online help center at the bookstore, they'll also be able to contact (via phone or email) ED MAP student support representatives who can help answer questions they may have about their order or about accessing their eTextbook. Please remember that the Stratford IT Helpdesk does not provide customer support for eBooks, so students should reach out to ED Map for assistance.

We are currently transitioning from Follett Virtual Bookstores to ED MAP. During this transition period, students will receive some of their textbooks from Follett Virtual Bookstores, and some from ED MAP. As usual, Follett Virtual Bookstores will continue to provide either used or new textbooks to the students, email students delivery confirmations, and distribute the textbooks to each student’s home campus library. Also as usual, Arts & Sciences textbooks are provided as library loans through each campus library (ENG099 exception). This transition period will end at the end of Quarter 5, 2013, and then Stratford will begin partnering exclusively with ED MAP beginning Quarter 1, 2014.


About ED MAP

ED MAP is a Course Materials Management company. Through its people and technology ED MAP simplifies the discovery, adoption, management, and delivery of quality educational content – a complex proposition given the increasing options of content choices today. ED MAP provides content owners with a streamlined way to gain market share and deliver content; provides content adopters with an efficient way to find, select and curate content from a variety of sources; provides content consumers with an easy, organized way to access content through a single interface; and, provides institutions with a way to facilitate and manage the adoption and delivery of content to effectively lower costs, increase satisfaction, and gain insight to critical data. For more information, visit www.edmap.com.

About CourseSmart®

CourseSmart is a leading Educational Services Platform and the only provider of digital course materials able to combine curriculum, content and delivery into a single solution. Founded in 2007, the San Mateo, Calif.–based company provides services to four business segments: online direct retail for students; indirect distribution of course materials to students through bookstores; online faculty textbook evaluation services; and institutional solutions for faculty and students that are integrated within campus technology ecosystems. CourseSmart improves the educational experience by offering all users, including those with print–related disabilities, any–time, anywhere access to the course content they need. With more than 90% of the same core titles offered by major print publishers, the company’s eTextbooks can be purchased for up to 60% less than the cost of new print textbooks. For more information about CourseSmart, visit the company's Web site at www.coursesmart.com

Textbook questions can be emailed to textbook@stratford.edu. Please allow up to 24 hours for a response.

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