Veterans Administration Benefits

Veterans Administration Benefits

Stratford University is approved for the training of veterans, service persons, disabled veterans and survivors or dependents of veterans. Contact the Military Services Office to learn if the program you want is approved. It is the responsibility of the Veterans Administration (VA) to determine the eligibility and to approve payments. Veterans are encouraged to contact their local VA Regional Office to determine eligibility or login to ebenefits.

The eligible person should submit to the VA Certifying Official at Stratford University, a Certified Official copy of discharge or release papers from the military (Form DD214) if applicable. Then, the applicant must submit an Application for Educational Benefits (Form 22-1990) or Request for Change of Program or Place of Training (Form 22-1995) if previous benefits have been received. All forms and online applications can be found on the GI Bill Website . It should be noted that tuition payments are due on schedule regardless of schedule of receipt of benefits from the VA.

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