Business Students and Graduates

School of Business Administration

Preparing Critical Thinkers and Global Leaders for Today’s Business World

Our rapidly changing business world requires business-minded professionals who possess leadership and critical thinking abilities. Consequently, to become a player in the dynamic world of business, you must be prepared to have a significant impact on the complex business community.

With a business degree from Stratford, you will develop the business acumen needed to create and apply innovative business solutions to a company of any size, or in the government marketplace. Our rigorous program will introduce you to business principles, technologies, international practices, and ethical issues in business that will help you succeed in a corporate environment.

Specifically, you will examine leading trends in marketing, finance, business management, human resource management, business law, international trade, and information technology. Our focus on critical thinking will expose you to a variety of instructional methodologies, including the examination of real-life business case studies, class discussions, and guest speakers from the business community.

Capstone Projects

As business student at Stratford, you will have the opportunity to apply what you’ve learned through the completion of Capstone Projects. Capstone courses allow you the opportunity to pull together and build upon what you have learned in separate business fields and then utilize this knowledge in the analysis and resolution of a complex business problem.

Stratford Produces Critical Thinkers in Business

Critical thinking in the classroom is an integral part of Stratford’s approach to building effective business leaders. That is why our School of Business produces some of the nation’s top business executives and managers. Some of our alumni are employed by some of the nation’s top corporations, including Price Waterhouse Coopers, Capital One, and Altria.

Exceptional Programs

Stratford University’s School of Business offers the following Master’s, Bachelor’s, and Associate degree and Certificate programs. Our extensive catalog of elective courses allows you to add a field concentration that compliments your major. For instance, many students choose to combine information technology and business to broaden their skill set. All Business School courses are available online.

Masters Degrees

Bachelor Degree

Associates Degrees

Diplomas and Certificates

Best-in-Class Faculty

Stratford’s faculty is comprised of the some of the top leaders in business, both in the private and public sectors. All members of our faculty have earned a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, J.D, or a Ph.D. In addition to leading instruction at Stratford, our faculty is comprised of entrepreneurs who run their own business; managers in government; practicing CPAs and attorneys; and experts in the field of information technology. With their expertise, they are equipped to teach underlying business theories, and are in tune with the skill sets and competencies required in the business community as well as the government market.

State-of the-Art Learning Environments

Stratford offers state-of-the-art teaching facilities that provide the perfect environment for examining and analyzing timely business topics. Our small class sizes allow you to enjoy low student-to-teacher ratios, which encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing between instructors and students. In addition, all classrooms are equipped with computers and are ideal for hands-on lab activities.

Business Programs that Fit Your Busy Schedule

Residential classes are offered day, evening, and weekends to accommodate your busy schedule. All residential classes are blended with a portion of the course delivered online to reduce the time in the classroom. You can complete a class in five or 10 weeks and start your program five times a year (January, March, May, August, and September). The accelerated programs at Stratford University allow students to finish a Bachelor’s degree in 30 months or a Master’s degree in 15 months.