Event Management

Event Management


The mission of the Stratford University Event Management Certificate Program is to support the events profession by offering superior educational courses and practical experiences for career advancement within the industry, including special events, meetings, tradeshow, entertainment, sports management and fundraising.

Entrance Requirements

Students accepted into the Event Management Certification Program must meet the following acceptance criteria.

  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Proof of English proficiency
  • Courses accepted from other programs on a case by case basis with proof of completion and verification of competency.
  • All such approvals are made by Alice Conway, CSEP, Director of the Certificate Program in Event Management.

Event Management Certificate Requirements

In order to attain an Event Management Certificate, students are required to complete the following.

  • Core Courses (4 Required)
    • Event Administration
    • Event Coordination and Operations
    • Event Marketing
    • Event Risk management
  • Elective Courses (3 Required)
    • Event Protocol
    • Social Event Management
    • Event Entertainment and Production
    • Event Fundraising and Sponsorship
    • Event Negotiations and Contracts
    • Event Design and Decor
  • Class Evaluation Method
    • Quiz (multiple choice and true/false)
    • Case study analysis
  • Practicum Requirement
    • 200 hours minimum
    • Supervised event observation and participation
  • Portfolio Requirement
    • Demonstration of event management activities
    • Documentation of actual events
    • Guidelines provided by Stratford
  • Comprehensive Examination
    • Multiple choice
    • Essay

Program Cost

All Event Management Courses are $460 per class (except Study Tours). Corporate and group discounts are available.

Additional Information

For additional information and to register, please contact Alice Conway, CSEP, either by email: aconway@stratford.edu or by phone: (571) 699-3200 x4208.

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