english second language

Stratford Language Institute

Innovative and accelerated ESL program that is taught naturally with real-life scenarios, role plays, and more!

The Stratford Language Institute has created an English language program that can successfully transition you to an academic program at Stratford, help you achieve English proficiency for personal development, and build valuable skills for professional success. Graduates of our program gain the fluency and competency to interact and pursue their goals in an English-speaking environment.

The Stratford Language Institute uses the most modern research-based grammar series and pairs it with realistic scenarios using the communicative approach to ensure that both the technical and the social learning needs of students are addressed. We follow the internationally recognized Common European Framework for learning, teaching, and assessing. In addition to a core curriculum that takes students from beginner to proficient, we have advanced levels that prepare you to make a successful transition into the university classroom.

Our ESL program is closely coordinated with Stratford's academic programs. If you satisfy all of Stratford University's entrance requirements except for language proficiency, you will be provisionally accepted into a degree program. When you graduate from the ESL program, your acceptance will be finalized and you will be able to start your classes immediately without further testing.

In addition to linguistic training, the Stratford Language Institute can help you adjust to life in the United States. The program includes various cultural activities that allow you to practice your language skills and learn about life in the United States at the same time.

We will support you during your entire academic career at Stratford University. We are measured by your success.