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Education That Works

Stratford provides a student-centric classroom environment to accommodate all learning styles.

The face and climate of today's business world is changing rapidly. Economic growth and the constantly transforming needs of modern industries can provide exciting and challenging opportunities for qualified graduates. Stratford University is at the forefront of these changes and is dedicated to finding employment for graduates in this evolving job market. Our innovative approach to education helps our graduates achieve the skills and self-confidence needed to be successful.

Student-Centric Instructional Methods

Stratford University's instructional techniques are based on individual student needs. We use a variety of different teaching techniques in order to reach out to students with different learning styles. Feedback is provided to each student through mid-quarter action plan in order to help each student succeed. Free tutoring is offered in certain subject areas to provide additional help to the students in need.

Level of Competency

All students are assessed frequently during the course of their studies with assignments related to the course deliverables to determine their level of competence and any deficiencies are addressed. Our focus on clearly defined objectives sharpens the educational process. In this environment of instructional flexibility against a backdrop of firm standards, students who formerly were not successful achieve real success.

Stratford's Teaching Staff

Our teachers along with Career and Student Services department shepherd each student through the career preparation process, helping with resumes and showing them how to prepare themselves to meet future employers. Stratford also provides guidance on a proper dress code for interviews. Our approach to document and follow-up on attendance ensures that our graduates are ready for all aspects of the business world.

Career Transition Program

Students may select a career transition program, which includes an internship. The internship is an effective job placement method and learning tool. This process helps students demonstrate their true abilities while giving employers the chance to assess the job skills of each student before making an offer. It also gives experience to students who are dramatically changing their career paths and prevents them from being “resume-locked” by their job history.

Above all, Stratford University seeks to give its students the relevant skills and knowledge to maximize their potential and pursue a satisfying career. The University is able to achieve these goals through a carefully-planned program of proven teaching and testing methods that result in high job placement rates and overall satisfaction from both instructors and students. This is education that works.